Who is Red John?

Theories of Diii (3)

Red John says " The game is over and i won"

I say: The game is over and we lost.

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This week, for a moment, I came to think of theories about a possible return of Red John. That maybe he would come back, we all know how he hates false seers, perhaps kill Lisbon, I do not know, giving his show again.

But no, Bruno Heller is shitting for us, became one of my favorite series in Mexican soap opera.

The number 3 said in episode 7x11, is not Red John, but a son who waits Lison, which was killing Jane inside is fear of losing Lisbon, with pregnancy and marriage that we all know will occur.

Everyone here already give so many cool, satisfactory theories on decent final, who accompanied him for many years The mentalist.

Well, maybe we do not have a surprise right?

It should now be focused on Gotham is shitting on what we think the end like it or not, we look to the end and gave his audience.

Let each make your final bet it will be better than what is to come.

Sorry English, greetings from Brazil! I will miss all theories I have ever read.

Ty guys gll

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Two things that have no forgiveness:

1- betrayal
2- what Bruno Heller did with The Mentalist

The series ended in 6x08

"My" Red John died on the 3rd season.

So, ty for all theories, salute from Brazil

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