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Theories of Hll (89)

Hmm…why do you think the final title is called "White Orchids?"

1) Jibson has to solve a crime in a greenhouse

2) Jibson stays at a hotel named The White Orchid Hotel

3) Jibson eats white orchid ice cream under a firework lit sky

4) it has absolutely no real significance whatsoever

With the way the episode titles have been in the last year, I vote for 4)

Who knows, maybe it'll be Lisbon's favorite flower!  or perfume scent!  [Oh that things we have to look forward to!]

THAT SAID….White Orchids symbolize hope and….[brace yourselves people]…virility…

Forget about a wedding -- this show might ending with…..a baby...

That's right people.  While this website dreams that Rigsby [or ANYONE else] could really be the "real" RJ [and believe me, I'm with you on that]….I'm sorry to say that the writers are probably writing the storyline for Lisbon's pregnancy RIGHT NOW...

1.  Grigsby will probably either be expecting again or now have two children, and/or

2.  Jisbon will likely be….[bleck]…expecting, too

Jane lost his wife and child…..so, now he's got the new love now…all he needs is the new child….and a baby is going to force Jibson to leave the FBI -- just like Grigsby did 

Sorry folks.  I don't like it either.  I hope I'm wrong

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So, the weekly story was much better even if the shooting of the convenience store guy was truly horrific -- like NEVER become a cashier at a convenience store people.  In fact, don't even GO into one.  It is apparently thee first place a sociopath on the run goes to.

Yes, Wiley has Rigsby's forehead, but that's about it.  I don't hate him in the show, but I think his input and presence should be minor, at best, and only in lieu of the other team members needing him during a trick

Fischer and Vega seem to fulfill the same purpose:  being stiff and procedural, with a few comments about their irritation with Jane's methods [yawn…]…not even close to fulfilling the gaping hole Grace left

Though Grace did challenge Jane -- it was more on a personal, emotional, existential level -- her views on life….otherwise, Grace was mostly in sync with Jane  on the "team" level

And that's what I miss about this show -- that feeling of the "team" -- despite their differences, they all RESPECTED each other tremendously

Abbott works well as a part of the "new" team -- he's one of the best things about the show now, he adds so much depth to every scene he's in…but the Grace and Wayne replacements have been stale, at best!

AND, as I suspected [yawn]...Vega is likely there for a Cho romance…seems confirmed by this week -- she "looks up to" and "admires" him…asks can she "follow" him around….[like a puppy dog]

Cho is seriously under utilized

And, one last thing….Jane and Lisbon touched more when they weren't together.

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What is there REALLY to talk about with "Nothing But Blue Skies?"  I'm tired of hearing myself express "Nothing But Disappointment."  I had to keep rewinding the show on my laptop because I'd get distracted by more interesting things -- and I actually forget about it airing.  

However, I will say….what show supposedly waiting for "years" to see two leads come together romantically…just SKIPS over the whole "we finally did it" stuff.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm SO happy!! Because I DON'T want to see Jibson half naked, making out or in a bed together, and the good thing is, I actually think we might never actually have to…!!  

But I need to point out that it's HIGHLY UNUSUAL to have some long awaited epic love affair finally happen at the bequest of all the love lorn fans…and then…show nothing?  Ha..ha…

Even just Lisbon's BRIEF moment of seeing PIKE at the end was SO MUCH BETTER, had so much more heat and chemistry --- than a whole unbearable hour of lame Jibson, with Jane -- trying to prove he loves her [without anyone knowing] by being protective and chivalrous "Don't speak to her THAT way!"  This is HARDLY an exciting secret office romance…it's more like a BROmance if anything…

ANd, I think if Jane really liked Lisbon in a sexual way, he would have put the swan in her pocket A LONG time ago [no pun intended lol]

Seriously, break these two up for the betterment of everyone, especially the SHOW!

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The way they are advertising Mentalist's return to TV now...ugh...like it's a Goldie Hawn//Chevy Chase romantic caper....like the last 6 years never happened.  

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For shits and giggles, I took a look at some Gotham reviews [but have not watched the show nor will I ever -- I may not be able to stop the Mentalist addiction against my better mind, but I don't have to start another hellish Heller experience]...

and what I found is a recent article titled: "Gotham Should Be Renamed "The Penguin Show"  that goes like this...

"...the Penguin has crawled his way back to Gotham, and found a high-ranking spot in the crew of Salvatore Maroni (David Zayas), the biggest rival to reigning Don Carmine Falcone (John Doman). At the end of “Penguin’s Umbrella,” the limping, slippery gangster met with Falcone (at his chicken coop) and confirmed that he’d been working for him all along."

SERIOUSLY?!  LMFAO...and I mean, LAUGHING...one year after Heller's PIGEON takes down a mastermind....he's got a new show with "Penguin" and his rival is..."Falcon?" And they meet in Falcon's chicken coop?  I have to say it again.....SERIOUSLY?!

Is Heller BIRD OBSESSED OR WHAT?!  And isn't Gotham supposed to be a Batman-less Batman story?  Clearly, "someone" is more interested in the BIRDS on this show than the BAT.

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Okay, so the show's coming back, sooner rather than later.

It's almost against my will that I am going to watch, as I'd really like to forget this show ever existed.  But I know I will tune in, the fools that CBS knows I am -- because old habits die hard, and there must be some dopamine release in my brain whenever I see the CBI/FBI team racing around to solve a mystery.  

However, I'm not getting my panties into a wad with elaborate theories on how RJ will come back because that hope disappeared with the Jibson kiss...of death.  


"You are an evil, sexually perverted sociopath with pathetic delusions of grandeur" [emphasis on pathetic]....to want to see a relationship akin to brother and sister.....that almost zero romantic build up in 5 years prior...to be consummated....

That Heller, Baker and the lot from The Mentalist did an about face last year to please the "ravings" of the "squalid ego maniac Jibsoners," rendering the RJ storyline a footnote of nothingness...will forever be...well....forever....and the rest is "just details"...

They know and I think we know that it really can't be undone at this point, and bringing back anything involving RJ would be like admitting they fucked up.....and I'm here to say that a trip down memory lane with some old characters is nothing more than putting lipstick on the pig...eon...

So, do I expect much from this season besides car chases, a new love interest for Cho and lots of innuendo for what they will never deliver?  Nope, I don't.  

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I know everyone here would appreciate a show that actually delivers the goods

So, wanted to share -- I came across a gem this summer called "The Killing"

It's on Netflix, all 4 seasons, and it does not "disappoint" in any way

If the people who made The Killing were put in charge of TM, we'd have an incredible ending to the RJ Saga, as well as a conclusion most of us could stomach for....[insert gag]..."Jibson"

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