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So s06e05 just aired here in Germany and there are three things I would like to point out:

1.) KT said she was hired by Visualize. Jason Cooper said he didn't and PJ believed him. So there are two possiblities: RJ hired her to give PJ a false hint with the tattoo thing and it was staged or BA (maybe Gale Bertram himself?) wanted to know how much information PJ has about a secret organization inside California law enforcement.

2.) The tattoo that KT drew on her shoulder is not the same that all BA members have. I don't think that this is a fail of BH or the other producers. Why would they show us a wrong tattoo?

3.) Ray Haffner told Lisbon and GvP that PJ has pissed off a lot of powerful people. Does this mean that Visualize is aware of BA? It seems that these are the two big players inside California law enforcement, right? They both do dirt and cover ups for their members.

And here's something for you stoopkid: Oscar Cordero to Rigsby: 'Maybe one day you'll do a favor for me, right?'

There's still a possibility that RJ is alive, especially after the recent Facebook posts about RJ from the official 'The Mentalist' side. They never posted a word about him. Why now? As we all know, there are a lot of other small hints that let us hope! There are too much things that are unanswered and don't match up with all the information we gathered about 6 seasons. You can't tell me BH just failed so many times... :/

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hey there ,
the post is not a real theory, just a glimmer of hope for those of you, who, like me where disappointed with the end of red john, ang who hope he is coming back !

i don't know if any of you keep checking the facebook official page of the mentlist but i do;

and here is the thing:
for the second time in two days they have been posting about red john ...
after all this time they were only posting about the "new life", completely ignoring red john and the ending...

And on thursday they have posted this :
"Now that you've had some time to marinate on it, who could have guessed that Red John was Sheriff McAllister?:"

and today, new post :
Will Lisbon remember the attack? Find out when you Sync with the CBS app #TheMentalist http://bit.ly/Z1Khw6

this can't be a coincidence; i think they are preparing us for red john's comeback !
I hope so!

sorry for the english

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I want to say sorry to Stoopkid, he really is a nice guy deep down.:) There is no reason we all can't live in peace..He is a bit obsessed with The Mentalist but so were we in the past.:) 
So I apologize to Stoopkid and I hope you don't mind if I sometimes talk about Sherlock.:)) And about Kevin Corrigan, my dear friend.:D

Love and peace, let's all love eachother and accept eachother as we are..:) xx

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One thing that's clear from this site is that there are MANY other mentalist fans like myself that were dissatisfied with the Red John episode and changes to the series.

I also learned, fro. viewing other sites and forums that there are MANY fans praising Heller for the ending and changing the show and even trying to push a jane/lisbon love story. That is terrible. And it also means that our voices are not being heard and for all he knows, the fans are happy with how everything is.

There seem to be a lot of people on this site that have a lot of free time to post constantly, like Stoopkid, no offense. So, why doesn't someone create some form of online petition for us to all electronically sign and request answers and NO love story for jane and lisbon?

just an idea..

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It's has to be Kirkland
He seems too emotionless
If he isn't then why did he kill Janes suspect
In the hospital. It could also be that he is a high
Class minion of red John or he wants to be the
One to catch red John
Kirkland has been studying Lisbon watch the
Way he is when he is around her it's strange

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why are people so clueless about the 2 month hiatus of this show? do you even check local listing before bitching or even google it before attacking the writer or creator of the show? i have never had a show on a sunday that showed a new episode on superbowl sunday in my life. and most shows go on hiatus during the olympics.. as they should.

people on this forum think they're so much smarter than Heller himself and half of you don't even use the correct form of their, they're & there. get a grip.

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Kirkland twin seen!

In my mind Bob Kirkland has been one of the most mysterious characters on the show other than JJ LaRoche. There is very little known about him. He has been lingering in the back ground since season 5 and just as his role becomes more active he mentions his twin Michael and get killed never to be seen again.

Some of his actions don't seem to make sense at all. He is represented as a man hunting Red John and then he goes on to kill Jason Lennon without any real interrogation.

For some time now i have been convinced that establishing a very detailed time line will be an important element in order to solve the unanswered questions we are still left with.

I have now stumbled upon something I consider an important switch in time. This reversal changes a lot of context and convinced me that we must have seen both Kirkland twins already.

At the beginning of 601 we meet Partridge on the beach, where he states that judging by decomposition the victim must have died around 18 months ago. From Van Pelt we learn the identity of the victim and that he has been reported missing in August 2011. This puts the time of the episode in Jan/Feb 2013.

In 604 Hightower fakes her death to hide from Red John. Jane learns from Van Pelt that Hightower died 2 weeks ago in Mexico. Shortly after that he visits Hightowers aunt and leaves a message on the memorial site. The memorial site lists the date of death as July 15th 2012! There is a virtual flower left August 7th and he meets Hightower the same evening.

and the kidnapping happens one day after. As Kirkland dies on his way to either prison or jail it is safe to assume he died in August 2012. The list of suspects is mentioned several times in that episode. At the end Jane proclaims we are down to 5 suspects. Ergo the dvd must have come out at the latest in August 2012 and since Lorelei died 2 months before the dvd she must be dead at least since june 2012.

Since Partidge was alive in 2013 his death can't be the fact that excludes the second suspect.

Here is the crazy part and the reason why i believe we have seen both Kirklands:

518 is called "Behind the Red Curtain" and in addition to the main case focuses on the situation arround the comatose Jason Lennon (remember the conspiracies arround John Lennons death?). At the end of that episode Kirkland kills Lennon. In that scene we get a look at the heart rate monitor. In the upper left corner there it shows us the date and time. It 19:16 and the date is February 11 th 2013!  

Earlier in this episode Kirkland and Jane meet in the hospital. Kirkland asks Jane why he is in the hospital. With a smirk he relpies that his aunt daphne is in room 10 with liver failure caused by her alcoholism. With the correct timeline we can now see why Jane really smiles. He just landed a punch based on information he got in the cabin half a year earlier.

Now some people might wanna argue that the dates mentioned in those two episodes were not meant as clues, but simple oversights. In the case of 518 that might be somewhat plausible, even though the there is nothing else in the shot except that monitor so it would be a very big flaw, especially if you consider how carefull they have been otherwise to avoid any specific dates.

For 604 it's even more unlikly because the page was fabricated only for this show and the date shown lies before the actual filming of the episode.

Since one Kirkland twin is already dead since August 2012 it must be the other twin killing Lennon.

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