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Lisbon likes the fuss Pike makes. Two nights in a row is weird. This can't just be a boring romance storyline - this guy's up to something I hope. And Lisbon just leaves him alone in her place Jane acts like a jealous weirdo making things awkward - he had 7 years to make a move Helicopter ride to some who gives a fuck forrest Ranger Green? Nice one writers Jane gets on his hands and knees and smells the body BAM!!! All of this before the main title and theme song. THE MENTALIST created by Bruno Heller. WoW. 1st obvious suspect : Kenyan Russell (who runs a Private Single Sex Organization) lol. Simple brotherhood? More like a bunch of rich old dudes at a gay sweat lodge resort banging each other 2nd obvious suspect: Marvin Grisker(investment douchebag) FBI exposition scene. 3rd obvious suspect is mr Killgowan (who provides things to the campers). Where do they come up with these names? Do they have a name generator? Marvin loves that cell phone. JANE BRAGS ABOUT GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER??? revenge murder without any real proof is fuckin sweet people. Jane sniffs out her cabin lover Late night beer parties for staff? Gay escort? An on grounds brothel called Fishing Camp. Big surprise it's run by Mr Killgowan. Test the golf carts? What us that? This is a golf marker - must be a serious linksman . . . . and pussyhound . . . Introducing obvious suspects 4&5 pro athlete Grant Kimora and his shady lawyer friend Greg Dire Pike is acting like O'Laighlin While has like one line in this whole episode. Mr Killgowan is dead. Scratch him off the suspects list Fisher looks like a psycho, states the obvious and every theory of hers is wrong Jane on the couch half asleep tells them all how to solve the case. Cho: what do we do? Abbott love playing games and going undercover. Jane offers to do a magic show. Everyone loves magic Can't wait to see how he solves this murder of the week. Does anyone give a fuck at this point? Insert ingredients into murder of the week generator and. . . Dire takes the bait Jane tackles Dire ? Then Dire confesses to everything Another murder of the week episode case closed I hope they end this episode with a Lisbon/Pike date scene This Pike is a Psycho. Is he gonna propose on the second date ? Is this how the series is gonna end? With this fuckin complete nonsense? Wow that whole episode was something fuckin else. Just put this fuckin piece of shit show out of its misery This is just sad Now I'm gonna go watch new Game of Thrones a show I know won't disappoint Fuck this bullshit

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What the hell is this show anymore? It's annoying to watch now with all this romantic shit at the end with Lisbon. There is no way in hell this show will get renewed for another season unless something unexpected happens in the next few episodes. I've been watching just telling myself that it's going to get better but these are some retarded ass episodes lately. SMD HELLER!

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I am going on vacation for a week and will miss the next two episodes !
Plus side when i get back i can watch two in a row and thats awesome.
While i am gone don't let the trolls f with this site.
This is the best mentalist site out there and the red john saga is still alive.
Even tho its a small chance there is still a chance.
And the fact the show waited until episode 20 to even mention Rjs name is a great sign for us.
Even if Rj is dead we will no doubt get an explanation and plot holes will be filled.
Shows even one like this always cover the plot holes or at least most of them.
Keep the faith...
Stoop Kid

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I re watched the season 4 finale. It was always weird to me that the bicycle that RJ left for Jane to ride had a toe tag on it.
It is weird because literally the scene right before it we see agent darcy look at a toe tag on fake wayne rigsbys body.
Also even weirder that Rigsby HAD to go out for nachos while undercover right before the sting.
Also Red john said he found out when the fbi found out. He has a friend in the fbi he said.
Well it can't be Smith because Smith only had one encounter with RJ.
So who is RJs friend in the FBI?
Is it the same friend that warned Styles that the fbi were after him?
Is this why Jane decided to work for the FBI? I am almost positive Jane joined the fbi to look into them, why else?
The finger cut off thing is weird too. 3 instances we have seen so far. RJ to jane, kirkland to hibachi, hiabach to jane.
Also weird in that episode HOW THE F DID RJ STEAL WAYNERIGHT?!
Wayneright is last seen with CBI RON and his trusty sidekick i forget his name.
God i would love for those two to be involved.
So many clues including the he is mar one....I believe this clue will be explained. It is important to note that the mexican prostitute wrote the clue on the wall from where she was sitting. he is mar.......

After this weeks episode things will majority heat up. Next weeks episode starts the whole human trafficing story line which stretches from episode 19 to 20 and maybe even deeper.
I believe this trafficking thing will bring us to the long awaited Visualize and hopefully Brett Styles.
Then Janes pre trial. If jane has a pre trail for the death of red john that means his deal with Abbot was broken, but why?
I always knew Jane would blow up this whole FBI relationship its almost inevitable that he will.  

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Agent Pike will ask Lisbon to marry him.
She will say yes and plans to leave Texas and Jane.
Dont you think its a little weird how fast their getting married?
How Agent Pike just met Lisbon yet acted like he knew her for years?
Something us up and Pikes agenda is more than just love.
He wants to take away Janes last happy thought, Lisbon.
Shits gonna go down and we will hear gunshots before wedding bells.
The promos and commercials will tell us otherwise but as a Mentalist fan we should know by now
that nothing is as it seems.

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Ohh shit guys I just saw S06E18 Promo on Youtube!! but WTF!! You didn't air episode 17 yet!!

this is the promo link (:


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Hi guys . .

After reading episode 20 spoiler i think that Haffner And stiles are still alive
'cause we didn't see their bodies after the explosion, haffner is the right men for the job
and Haffner has a Insect phobia as we know RJ has a phobia, Stiles is too old to be Red John i think Stiles help RJ sometimes, Haffner did a mistake when he said to teresa "We still friends right? why you would ask me this qustion?" whatever everything 'll be revaled and i just saw in twitter The Mentalist offical acount Tweeted that episode 17 could be delayed!! i think the show 'll be cancelled.

My money on Haffner (:


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