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I think the best ending would be if Patrick Jane himself would be Red John. His other personality (which is RJ) purposely gives him hints for people that could be Red John so Patrick Jane goes and kills them (Sheriff, Timothy). Slowly Patrick Jane will become a serial Killer and will someday discover his true self and his other personality. He realizes that he is a danger for Lisbon and his friends and decides to kill himself to find true peace.

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My last hope...
The last hope for a great season 7 is that they already covered everything.
The series finale has to be crazy and suspenseful and if they already had Jane and Lisbon get together what else could be so crazy?
Now it could be them getting married but shit i hope not. Or cho but i doubt thats enough for a series finale .

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Alex Jane is the mastermind behind Red John.
Ever wonder why Lorelie was found in a mother fu*%+n! CARNIVAL!!
Of coarse with a picture of a woman with the word ALIVE written on it.

How Rj guessed Janes list has never been answered. Because Rj never guessed the list he gave Jane the list.
Lorelie is Rj's stepdaughter they were never lovers like we assumed. Lorelie introduced her sister Miranda to Rj. No reason for Rj to rape and kill his step daughter. No reason for Rj to rape at all!
The Ba Killed Miranda. Roy was never Red John.
Red john led Jane right to Rosaline Harker this is a fact. Rj wanted Rosaline to lead Jane astray with her Roy story.
Red Johns Rules was the last cool episode. We learned that Rj is most likely from Janes past. We always wondered why Rj didn't just torture Sophie Miller and get the info from her instead of being her client.
Red John already knew about Janes happy memory because he is indeed from Janes past.

Like Quitthat said earlier, maybe Alex Jane needed a new identity and chose the last name Martins.
He is Mar-tins
**Also someone brought to my attention that Gvp was born in Iowa and that Jane and his dad lives in Iowa when Jane conned the dying little girl.
"Coincidence ? There is no such thing".
Season 7.

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Ok MAJOR breakthrough! Maybe..

Remember the "picture frame" clue that one guy was talking about? He would never tell us the clue but he gave me a hint and i got it. At first i said it was Roger at the bar with Jane in Mexico but no.
The pic is of Lorelie's step father who is way older than her mother. Her step father is....ALEX JANE!!!!!!
I didn't agree at first but if you put the two pics of them both side by side you can see it. Especially the cowboy pic with Lorelie step dad.
The guy who posted this may be wrong but I'm riding with him on this. Because listen to this...
Alex Jane is the only logical explanation for Red John. Love/hates Patrick and cannot kill him but loves showing HIS SON he is always the smarter one. Jane's arrogance was what Alex Jane hated about his son. Jane left and did his own thing. They have the same powers. Act the same and manipulate people the same.

Remember we were talking about how Rj had to have other reasons to kill Janes family other than what Jane said? Yea cuz Rj is Alex Jane.
Maybe he keeps his son alive because he uses him. Who knows how much he has used him over the years without Jane even knowing.
Listen to this...
Lorelie was separated from her sister until they finally met later in life. So both sisters were both Red Johns Girls right? So that means one of them most likely Lorelie the older sister, introduced Rj to her sister Miranda. But what if Rj WAS Lorelei's STEPFATHER!!
He is always away on "business" and we know Miranda died shortly after she met Rj and her own sister for the first time with this logic.
Miranda met Red John when she met Lorelie. The Ba killed and RAPED Miranda which fueled Rj to seek revenge on them. And what better way then to use Jane. Lorelie's step sister. Thats why Lorelie knew her dad did not kill and rape his own step daughter.

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In the 4th Season of The Mentalist in Episode 7 Patrick Jane speaks in the Interview on purpose about Red John. He knew how James Penser would talk about Red John and he knew that the Cbi/Fbi would never be able to catch the San joaquin killer. So he practically used Red John to kill him and to secure his thought that Timothy Carter isnt Red John

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i kind of get a kick out of the fact that some of these theories still get an "unlikely" vote.  no offense to anyone that clicks it...it does say "unlikely" and not "impossible".  but if the hand we have currently been dealt is a storyline involving a redneck sherrif turned serial killer / criminal mastermind who's demise lead to the incest laden relationship simply to satisfy all the jisboners out there, what isn't plausible???

seriously, if i had posted before 6x8 that McAssclown was going to remove his clark kent style of a costume (sheriff hat and moustache) to reveal that he was not only RJ, but the leader of the BA, only to be derailed by a pigeon.  and that would lead to PJ dancing in a pink sarong and floral blouse.  stack on rigsby taking bullets like a cyborg, and top it all off with the creepiest kiss of all time.  now that would have gotten everybody's "unlikely" vote. 

so now when someone tries to make just a little sense out of the entire debacle, i can't bring myself to call it unlikely, no matter how unlikely it might seem at first read.  at this point, i would have to say a season 7 where cho tracks down rigsby and rips his heart out with his bare hands just so he can finally get a sweet piece of some GVP, or where abbott confesses to being Kirkland's maternal twin, or lisbon admits she is PJ's bilogical sister........after what we've seen, i'd have to vote anything as plausible

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Red Johns

Piggybacking off if Hll i have been thinking about the many red johns theory lately. Its the only plausible way to explain the different styles of Rj. I wrote this a while ago but it seems to fit todays theme.

John and Jane doe.
Red John Doe.
What if there was a manipulative mastermind out there.
He/she used people to kill for him or her. They were john do's with a knife and an order to kill.
This mastermind hated the Ba.
Wanted them taken down but you cant just kill the members because they can easily be replaced. This mastermind guro cult leader saw Patrick Jane as a great asset.
One he gets to play this game with Jane and two he can lead Jane to the Ba and very slowly i might add.
He killed Janes family to control him. Just like he does with a lot of his followers. Jane would search high and low for him but low and behold a master plan to take down the Ba.
He used Macalister to kill Janes family to ensure that Mac would later be killed by Jane.

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