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Patrick Jane
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Up until this lazarus news, I was thinking Patrick Jane as Red John. Now, who knows what could happen. Yea, might be a cheesy season up until the last few eps. Maybe not Red John, but they're gonna end with a bang.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For old times sake, I think everybody (all 11,451 voters) should watch this last season. This show may have magnificently flopped last season, but it still gave us this Patrick Jane/Red John arc. That's enough for us to give it one last chance even if were 200% sure nothing dark will happen.

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I think were getting flashback episode to season 6 episode 8.
Macalister sent out a "red john selfie" last week!
He was dressed in episode 8 attire .
Why would he wait a year to send this out?
They are shooting a scene from episode 8 in season 7!!!
What really happened that day will finally be known.
Macalister was a pawn! Or something...

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I want to talk last season.
Can we assume its a fact that
Haibach did NOT kill Ardilles and La roche?
Nobody ever said he did anything besides kidnap Gvp
But he did that only after knowing he was A suspect in another case.
No way in Hell Haibach created the Cbi Hitlist, bugged everyone,
And stabbed Ardilles 100 times like a madman.
Haibach had no beef with Ardilles or La Roche.
In fact he didnt with Gvp either, he really only wanted to hurt Jane most of all.
So who killed Ardilles? And why? I believe him and La Roche were BA .
Only someone high up can bug people like that.

So who created this whole Haibach ordeal?
Did Jane mastermind this somehow? Placing notions on Lisbons head to go with her gut knowing she always hated Haibach. Maybe Haibach was hypnotized or hired to Kidnapp Gvp.
In return he can have his way with Jane.
Because Ardilles and la Roche were killed right away.
GVP AND Rigsbys house intruder shot to kill.
Haibach toyed and kepts Gvp for one purpose...to attract Jane!
That wasnt Haibach in Gvps House! That is a fact we know now so who the hell was it and how the heck did he miss an unarmed man with a baby not looking at him!
Who was he Kira Tinsley ?

The show after ep 8 is one word, ambiguous. They never answered who made the list or killed Ardilles or found any evidence that Haibach did it.
So this season, shits going down...
Who do u think killed Ardilles?

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im not a person that is going to watch every episode 50 times to catch every word a phrase said but if had to take a stab on who Red John was i would say that Jane has split personality and Red John is his other personality 

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Wow what a dream i just had.
It was one of those dreams when you wake up you still think its real too..

It was a Mentalist commercial or episode and the show was on Fx!
The rest is blurry but i know Red John was discussed and there was curses ! But unfortunately it was all a dream..

But seriously if this show was on fx the whole time the it would of been great.
Baker is even on record of saying that if it was not on Cbs they would of liked to make the show pick up each week where the last show ended really digging into the Red John story line.
Which is funny because the show does seem like a bunch of cool shit happened off camera.
One can only dream..

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So does this mean they are gonna explain how Agent Fischer found Jane in Mexico yet Abbot her boss had NO IDEA where Jane was on the island? U would think she would of been the first person he called once he arrived on the island but no. Did he even know she was there ?

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