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This is, once again, not a theory (my last one was about the 'He is ma' message found in a leaked script). It's about a couple things I found interesting in 'The Crimson Hat' (season 4 finale).

One word that Red John says when he meets Patrick has always kept me curious. 

- Hello, Patrick.
- How you doing?
- Debonair at all costs, huh?
- When did you know?
- Oh, you strung me along for a good long while. Well done.

Debonair – adjective
1. courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm: a debonair gentleman.
2. jaunty; carefree; sprightly.

If you go back and watch the final scene on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pDqVYNtTso4#t=130s - use that link to go to the exact moment I'm talking about) and you'll see the street where the limo is being chased is called Rainer Av, which is intersected by Debonair Way. Coincidence? Heller told us to watch every scene of The Crimson Hat carefully.

So... what the heck does it mean? My best guess is that Red John was actually in Debonair Way while Wainright was in the back of the limo, tied up.

Alright... so what? When Lisbon meets Jane, we see an LVPD police car with one somewhat old man driving it (to me, the man looked a lot like Bertram). But what the heck was an LVPD car doing there? Only the FBI knew about Lisbon, Rigsby, Cho and Van Pelt being there.

However, it could also mean that Lorelei was arrested and taken in that police car and that the FBI let the local authorities know about the missing CBI members, although that seems unlikely to me.

Back to Debonair now. When Lorelei calls Patrick, she says RJ wants to meet him in 2369 Foxglove Parkway, south east Las Vegas. There, Patrick finds a bike that says he had to go to 5071 Keston Avenue. Now, did you know that there is actually no Foxglove Parkway, and that Kenston Avenue, together with Rainer Av and Debonair Way are all in Palmway, California?

Have a look at this image: http://i.imgur.com/3UMVX.png (this, by the way, is the exact same thing Van Pelt sees in her computer in a previous scene, where they study the place). I highlighted the places where the limo enters and the place where Lorelei gets caught.

Now, Foxglove Parkway doesn't exist, and the place where Jane meets RJ is definitely in California. Could this be a sloppy writing? We all know Heller is one smart and meticulous guy, so I doubt it. It seems strange to me that Lorelei had to mention the place being in Vegas, when the team was back in California.

Finally, leaving locations aside, when Darcy is in the morgue checking "Rigsby's" dead body, she's on the phone with some guy named Bill.

Bill, I need you to find out A.S.A.P. where Kimball Cho and Grace Van Pelt are located.
This isn’t Wayne Rigsby. 
Yeah. Find out where they are.
Thanks. And, Bill?
I want arrest warrants prepped for every single member of that CBI team, dead or alive.

Who the heck is this 'Bill'? I believe it could be someone in the FBI. Could it be Red John's 'good friend' in the FBI? Or just some random agent? I find it intriguing that they'd make Darcy mention that name if we have never heard of him (not even now in season 5).

Please leave a comment if you have any theories or info in these 2 things ('debonair' and 'Bill') or if you found anything else out of place in The Crimson Hat.

Thanks for reading!

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