Who is Red John?

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Summer Edgecombe

Summer Edgecombe
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This is not a waste of time. 

It is not that i do not want Xander Berkeley for the Red John Role, he played it absolutely well. And I admire him for that. However, there is something that i cannot stop thinking about. 

Red John is a show man, an artist, a psychopath, a true sadist. IF I AM RED JOHN, i will let Patrick Jane have a life before i reveal my real identity. How? Send Patrick Jane someone, let him believe that he is the real Red John. Let Patrick Jane kill that fake Red John. Now, Jane believes that he already killed the man who murdered his wife and daughter, and he’s getting his life back. Only to find out later, that he killed the wrong Red John again. And yes, it will be more painful for Jane.

I believe that this is the “RED JOHN STYLE”. 

We all know that the Red John saga does not end in season 6 episode 8. Yes, because Bruno Heller did not answer all our questions on how everything has happened like WHO IS THE REAL RED JOHN? If he is indeed Xander Berkeley, then please answer all our questions like: 

1.   Why on earth did he put CBI ron in almost all episodes in every season. What is his role? 

2.   What is Red John’s Real name? Is Roy Tagliaffero the real one, if not, why did he choose it?

3.   Where is waldo? Seriously? He appeared only in one episode of the first season. And then come back on the 6th season because Bruno Heller decided that he is red john. 

4.   What did Sam Bosco tell Patrick Jane before he died? 

5.   Who is the RED SWEATER guy at the end of Season 3? 

6.   How, When, Why did Red John started killing? 

7.   What made him become a serial killer? 

8.   How does he attract women easily? 

9.   How does he easily manipulate his followers? 

10.How was he able to get money for all his bloody projects? 

11.How is he related to Brett Stiles? 

12. How did he come up with the List? 

13. Why women and children? 

So many questions to answer Mr. Bruno Heller. I asked once, not to leave as hanging. 

We need answers. These are just my thoughts. I respect yours, Respect mine. 

Anybody wants to discuss anything about the show? 


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