Who is Red John?

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Virgil Minelli

Virgil Minelli
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We the Red John fanatics and clue followers are a very small minority of the
viewership. I believe that the bulk of the fans are in the murder of the
week category and really could not careless about the actual clues or
continuity of the show. Internal consistencies aside the show is
undergoing a major remodeling mid-season. What show needs is a reason
for Jane to continue his detective work without it be directly related
to Red John. Heller and Baker both agree that Jane really could never
grow as a character because of red john. Some have suggested that the show was in it's final season so this Red John reveal was to do the great Finale? I think that the show was in danger of being cancelled but not schedule for cancellation. I think the next few episodes will determine the fate of the show. My guess is a murder of the week format.It is what the majority of the fans wanted? We are the minority? http://redjohnisdead.wordpress...

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