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Dr. Linus Wagner

Dr. Linus Wagner
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Hilzyyyy: " It would be disappointing,but Reede Smith's name is a little bit more than "very similar"if somebody does'nt know (Roy Tagliaferro is the principal alias of Red John. The most common translation of Italian surname Tagliaferro is iron-cutter, word to word it would be cut-iron (Cutiron).But another translation of Tagliaferro is ... smith (short form of "blacksmith"), so Roy Tagliaferro could be translated in english into Red Smith. Also if you change the order of the letters of his name (Reede Smith) you can get "The Red Is Me". Also it's been noticed that his name could be derived from 'Reed' which also means 'Red' so Red John's name would be Reed(e) Smith.Also...He kinda looks too obvious,as red john's actor said,he thought he was just red herring."  
I think "The Red is Me" is a symbol of Smith's position.  As FBI, Smith is powerful.  Cho clashed with Smith and Mancini - over disrespecting Cho's superior.  The FBI is ranked above the CBI, and Smith is a tool - for Red John.  His name is suspicious, but he is too young.  However, McAllister is old enough.  The first killing happened on a Visualize farm.  Visualize seems like a group that a psychiatrist would join - because they have in depth (spiritual) gatherings.  You can learn about yourself - which could appeal to Wagner.  You can get : grim dawn red sun (extra 'L") from Dr. Linus Wagner,MD. 
Classical Mythology Linus is             a musician and poet, the inventor of melody and rhythm, of whom various stories are told: often  identified, through his untimely death, with the harvesting or withering of crops and vegetation.b.Also called Linus song. a dirge: originally sung in western Asia to mourn the death of crops being harvested, later sung to mourn the death of Linus or that of Adonis.  Linus is the doctor who started killing on the Visualize farm - back in 1988.  Linus is the Non-Existent Self-Proclaimed Pagan God of the cult Linii. Has the powers to bestow jobs onto members of his cult, making them carry out sacred duties and occult practices. These duties include giving Linus handjobs, blowjobs, getting F8$ked by Linus among other things. These divine practices are sacramental and must be carried out with pride. Any member of the Linii refusing these duties would be punished severely by blasphemous acts such as getting circumcised and castrated. He would then be raped and F8$ked in the ass before having his body seared with the holy cleansing flame. Finally, necrophilia and bukkake will be performed on his blazing corpse as the life force slowly seeps out of the zealot. Such is the punishment of one who offends Linus.Example 1: 
Adaptation of Julius Caesar, a play by Shakespeare 
Calpurnia: "I doth fear greatly for my lord’s safety. O Mighty Linus, I prithee, protect Caesar, O Caesar, thy pride beest thy downfall"

Example 2: 
Member of Linii: "O Mighty and Omnipotent Linus, grant me theLibido to last for 29 minutes. As I pray, provide me the sex drive I desire."
Red John like to tie up women for sexual pleasure.  Wagner is in prison, and he could make people his prison bitch - just like Linus.  He is making his army stronger than ever by making people (in prison) his prison bitch.  Dr. Linii Wagner MD can spell out id glad winner rim.  Rim is known as a circular like a group of followers ( a circle of friends has a rim). Id is reference to psychiatry and his psyche.  Glad is complacency and is modifying winner.  Linii is followers of Linus.  It could mean that only the followers of Linus are truly happy.  It sounds cultish, and that is exactly what Visualize is.  Red John's first kills were on a Visualize farm (back in 1988).  

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