Who is Red John?

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Madeleine Hightower

Madeleine Hightower
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"I thought this was a great episode!" - hahahahhahahaaha... now, it wasn't ? it was the most terrible episode of all 6 seasons but at least it unrevealed the truth..

 "All my hope is gone with this episode :| " - Word!

Okay, this is the truth, and I don't allow any other scenario:

The only thing that makes us believe this show is one of it's kind: Patrick Jane.
He is indeed an exceptional character and this is the only smart and clever thing about The Mentalist series. Both humorous and charismatic. Sophisticated. Unpredictable for over 100 episodes.
Nonetheless Patrick Jane is a scheme! Everyone of you could write a script for a one episode because those are just "interludes" in the Red John case. Well.. everyone but this Stoopkid fella... Man.... (words fail me) Rigsby and Grace aren't the brain of the outfit... just click that shit you maniac, because it makes you look like an idiot...
So ultimately: Bruno wrote those ten or more episodes including Red John murders, and other screenwriters just fill the series with brilliant cases involving Jane's character to make them special.


- Red John WAS Sheriff Thomas McAllister. If you haven't noticed the title of this episode says: RED JOHN. (How would have they straighten up something like this?)

- Nobody will bother to explain that of Red John that remains... unexplained?

- Grace and Wayne won't show up anymore because they won't risk their lives. Stoopkid..the show made you a lil bit over-creative huh?..

- I'm gonna watch this 6th season till it's over but I would never watch any episode again as I would if Red John concept wasn't so screwed up "red all over".

Thanks for your time.

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