Who is Red John?

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Ellis Mars

Ellis Mars
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1) He's an annoying faggot, who should not be posting on this website or thementalisttvforum2) I did not fail on my own, I believed it was Mcallister since the first episode was revealed3) Deranged? Haha is that what you call a troll4) Why should I feel deranged by the community? This identity is just a assumed one, I have another identity on thementalisttvforum and here.However it's true that being a huge fan, I did feel betrayed by how Bruno Heller revealed RJ.5) I know way more than that, trust me you don't want to go there.6) I'm a very established hacker, I don't need to prove anything to you. "Jason Malachi Admits" 7) See point above8) I can, have and will use scripts to spam this website, but I don't want to do it too much. If I spam too much, who will see Stoopkid's shitty wild theories?9) Yawn, I never reveal my full capibilites. Art Of War Nigga (By the way Yes I'm Black)10) You will never, ever ever find out who I am or where I reside!
I finish with this post by poopkid

You may go ahead and proceed to asslick your lord poopkid aka the satanist gay faggot.Feels great to have people lick your butt don't it Anthony? Feeds your ego changing your name on thementalisttvforum Huskaveli? stoopkid821.
You suffer from a mental disease, plus you have a split personality. You love replying to yourself.
No one will have a tantrum @Zink13. Maybe your father will after he looks at your face and commits suicide

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