Who is Red John?

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Dr. Linus Wagner

Dr. Linus Wagner
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As a hardcore RJ Mentalist fan:

Each and every true "good old Red John times" fan by now hates this show.
Even RJ-Hardliners have given up their hopes a few episodes ago.

Which has lead me to the following BREATHTAKING REVELATION:

1. This (call it) low quality acting and writing and the huge lack of information regarding episode 08 ("Red John") should make us all hate this show (wait for it!!) so that when PATRICK JANE GETS KILLED BY THE REAL RED JOHN IN THE SEASONS FINAL NOBODY WILL BE SAD FOR HIM AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY THAT THIS SHOW FINALLY GOT THE END IT SO BITTERLY DESERVED.

2. Imagine on the other hand, that the awesome quality of the early episodes would still be there. If RJ killed Patrick we would all be so sad for ever. Now we would be happy (because we actually didn't lose 6 years of our lifes - which we did anyway :/ )

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