Who is Red John?

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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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Can you believe they actually renewed this trainwreck?

For what reason? So that desperate fanfic writers... I mean Jane/Lisbon shippers can have another year of making lame tinted GIFs for their tumblr pages? There is and never has been ANY romantic chemistry between Jane and Lisbon. They're just forcing it into the show now to pander to the 40 year old house fraus and 17 year old girls who just want to see any main characters "hook up" because nobody can possibly be satisfied in life if they don't, right?

Heller COMPLETELY botched the end of the Red John arc, badly, and embarrassingly, and I can't imagine why people are even still watching this on a regular basis. This is like the last season of The X-Files, but worse.

Now Heller's going to work on (and destroy) a new mythos: Batman! And while he rakes that one over the coals he can continue to run this show into the ground, too.

Why, though? The show is OVER. It's done. RJ was some small town hick sheriff, even though he shouldn't have qualified since Jane only ever met him once and didn't shake his hand before S6, but fine, it's over, so the show should be, too.

It's enough already. They can't pull this out of the crapper.

NEVER FORGET what Bruno Heller did: http://otakurevolution.com/content/pigeon-holed-the-mentalist-flips-fans-the-bird-or-red-red-whine

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