Who is Red John?

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Virgil Minelli

Virgil Minelli
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hey folks..nice to write back..now, yea I was a tad disappointed on the RJ reveal..OK more than a tad ..:) ..but hey, thats life..we would never know why Heller did what he did and would have to trust his judgement as any other theory makes him suck and I cant believe the creator who gave us 4 marvelous seasons could play with our TV-sentiments..lol..but life looks forward
                        so after thinking more theories about how RJ could still be alive, I decided not to. coz it did not feel healthy..it bordered on obsessiveness..i am not saying it is surely a bad thing as it anyway is a very enjoyable exercise but sill, we need to stop at some point right..
                         I also dont think any ideas like the "dream" and stuff are gonna be very appealing..come-on, the appeal of the show lies in the fact that RJ PJ  and all lived real lives..it is a tough job ahead for heller to chart out PJ's life-story sans RJ and that is a thing to watch..and if RJ does make a comeback somehow, well I will think abt it then.

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