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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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Below is a theory which allows for all of Heller's statements about Red John to be true.  But it is incomplete because I get stuck on Lorelei.  

What if Timothy Carter was RJ (i.e. the original murder) but wasn't the murderer of Jane's family?

The assumption then is that Roy is McCallister...head of the BA, an organization that co-opted the Red John persona for their own means.  Using the RJ persona, Roy/McCallister murdered Jane's family.

(Why?  Hopefully we will find that out in Season 7 because a reason isn't screaming out at me.)

So, at the end of Season 1, Roy/McCallister/BA - not Red John -  is taunting Jane. Jane conflates the identities of Roy and Red John, which suits Roy just fine.  

Then Strawberries and Cream happens. Red John uses O'Laughlin to kill Todd Johnson (who is BA and therefore an enemy of Red John).  

With this in mind, when Johnson recites "Tiger, tiger" he isn't exposing his relationship with Red John, but he is actually trying to see if Jane is in the BA and can help him.  In Todd's mind, Jane and the BA have a common enemy in Red John.  

(Aside from O'Laughlin, it is interesting that LaRoach's suspect list also includes Shetrick (BA), Bertram (BA), and Ardilles (later murdered..hmmm).)

Later, Carter Red John says he is planning to retire.  How does a psychopath serial killer "retire"?  He dies.  So he baits Jane into killing him in order to stop killing.  Eh?  

In Season 4, Jane proves to himself that Timothy Carter wasn't Roy by using Rossalind's negative ID.  The murder of Panzer proves to everyone else what Red John is still alive and that he wasn't Timothy Carter.  

Perhaps Jane killed Panzer, knowing he could peg it on Red John, thus "proving" that he wasn't dead.  From Jane's perspective it could be one of two ways:

1) Jane still doesn't realize that RJ and Roy were different people so when Rossiland told him that Carter wasn't Roy, he assumes RJ was still alive.   So he kills Panzer so that everyone will believe him.

2) He realizes that Roy and Red John are different people but he needs the CBI to think Red John is alive so that he can continue his pursuit.  So killing Panzer "proves" that they got the wrong guy.  

Sadly, I get stuck with Lorelie.  Who is she with?  She is either in league with the BA (doesn't seem likely) or is working with some other organization which seeks to take down the BA (seems more likely) and goes along with the Red John story in order to captivate Jane.  Not sure.  

Anyway, just a wee theory for old times sake.  

How do you find this theory?
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