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A little Season & info from Heller


"The seventh and final season of "The Mentalist" will be action-packed
and will be filled with thrilling chases, according to the show's
Bruno Heller described what will happen to the next season of the TV
series without revealing too many details. "Up until now if you're
comparing it to Moby Dick, which is one of the analogies I used to
describe the length of the chase, next season the whale has been sighted
and they're in the small boats and chasing the whale," Heller told
Entertainment Weekly report.
It is obvious that Heller is referring to the long chase for Patrick
Jane. The show's creator promised that the next season will be faster
paced, more thrilling, more action, more surprises. He also said that
there will be mysteries every week.
Meanwhile, although US TV network CBS confirmed the renewal of the
upcoming season of "The Mentalist," the series may lose its timeslot on
Sunday's primetime. Moreover, the series will have fewer episodes
compared to previous seasons. According to Carter Matt, "The Mentalist" will have 13 episodes next season to tie up the loose ends and bring the whole series to conclusion.

It seemed that the show is not in CBS' priority list as the show is
suffering in poor ratings. However, the new plot twists as well as the
new turn in Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon relationship may bring the
ratings up of the show's final season.
CBS has not announced the official premiere date yet of "The
Mentalist" season 7, but the writers of the TV series are already back
at work. Writer / producer Jordan Harper recently confirmed via Twitter
that the writers are planning the next season.
Aside from thrilling chases and more action, waiting fans are also
curious about the relationship status of Jane and Lisbon. How will the
two react towards each other's feelings?

I will translate "more thrill" and "more action" to mean the following:

1. The race is on for Jane to get Libson to panty drop or
2. Jane starts a pet shop where he deals in exotic pigeons or
3. Chokim or
4. Jane is litteraly trying to find his dick . .. Moby Dick

That is all for now.

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