Who is Red John?

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Virgil Minelli

Virgil Minelli
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hey folks..i mean yes it is all confiusing..i have like 10 pct hope that RJ is coming back simply coz its hard to get your hopes high and then let them not be fulfilled..u remember how we thought the leaked episode was a fake..god..us fans..but one thing I give it to us people is that a little bit of the anger and frustation has been sidelined simply coz we shared it for so long..its been like 6 months with the RJ reveal and not a day passes without theories and discussions on this thread..
         guys like SK have dedicated their lives to jkeeping up the tempo and I admire that although I am skeptical abt how he would react to the RJ reveal being true..lol..so we had our time and in case BH did mock us for whatever reason its nt gonna hurt that bad coz we diluted it

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