Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect
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i'm sure i'm not the first loser to suggest this, but i'm gonna do it anyways.

this show is all about red herrings.  every single episode we are introduced to a handful of suspects for a murder mystery.  throughout the episode different ones are ruled out and others are made to look very guilty.  in the long run, it usually ends up being the least likely suspect, or even someone that wasn't even presented as a suspect in the first place.

so why would it be any different for RJ.  if heller wanted to give us 7 names to pick from, shouldn't we have taken the history of the show as a clue and automatically looked at those 7 as the least likely??  i mean the first few episodes of season 6 revolved around trying to make each of the 7 listed suspects seem guilty.  from irrational fears, to weird sacrificial ceremonies, to random whistling and quoting william blake, each of the 7 listed suspects were shoved in our face as being guilty.  so if you are going with the theme of the metalist, these 7 names should be eliminated as suspects simply because they were suggested so strongly.

i know stoopkid has been down this road and posted a theory on just about every character, director, or key grip that has had anything to do with the production of this show, but maybe we should step back and take a look at the "other" suspects.  frey, mashburn, ellis mars, the lady feeding pigeons, pike, roger at the bar, teresa's brother, rosalind, the pigeon........i know its a reach but i think a case could be made for just about anybody if the reveal came with a little background or explanation.

plus i think at this point we are just re-hashing old theories, so it's either get creative or start planning for 13 episodes of happy-go-lucky incestuous tear jerkers.

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