Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect
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quick poll.....

if S7 turns out to be a a complete suckfest set out to satisfy the jisbon incestual bandwagon and we continue to be teased with very very subtle hints of a possible RJ revisit, and most of the episodes focus around the blantantly dull fischer; and the show gets to a point where simon baker can no longer keep a straight face on camera....which is getting damn close.

let's say that happens.  let's say we stick out 13 "murder of the week" episodes surrounded by this soap opera feel good love fest.  let's say we all want to stick molten hot needles through our eyeballs and eardrums to make this suckfest go away.........

but in the last screenshout of the final episode of the final season, we see lisbon laying gutted with that red smiley above her.....will all be forgiven and we praise the fact that RJ was not McAsshole and RJ did truly win in the end???? or will too much damage have been done for any possible salvation????

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