Who is Red John?

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Kimball Cho

Kimball Cho
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hello there! its so obvious that cho is red john or his man.
lets check out kimball:
1) he (almost) never smiles that means he has no feels like a serial killer
2) he effects people like summer and he can easly give up from them
3) he has a dark past of family and childhood. he grow up in streets and reformatories
4) he's an old gangster also a prime one
5) he trusts no1 like a serial killer
6) he doesnt like patrick's tricks and (according to me) he hates patrick
7) he can know all the details of case (look matter-d for proof)
now lets look at our prooves:
a) when a guy (i dont remember who was he) asked him do you trust patrick he answered depends that makes me right about 1st, 5th, and 6th matters
b) at 4th season in an episode, when red john visited harker and lisbon went to operation (with darcy, special team, and other team of lisbon) for catch red john, we never saw cho there!
c) when patrick told to team red john told him a poem (tyger by william blake). cho knew this and knew what it means! according to this; he's developed as cultural of poem (i dont think so) or he's red john
d) red john has no spy in cbi craig was in fbi. can i ask why? because if you already know everything about cbi you dont need a spy there! 
d-1) craig was grace's girl friend. you can use this for meaning of he was spy of cbi too. heres the anti of this; craig did this because he had to know special-info of members of lisbon's team. cho can learn them because he's style is not good to try this
thats why if cho is not red john he must me his man because of matter-c and matter-d
thanks much for reading im waiting for your feedbacks especially your anti-theories :) 

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