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Guys, please allow me to explain what I feel about the show at the moment. 

First of all, I'm absolutely furious with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. I read somewhere a long time ago that they feel awkward playing a couple in love. WTF?? This is their job, they get millions so: boo hoo, whether you feel awkward or not, just do it! It's your job. You are losing credibility as actors because your on screen romantic chemistry comes across as laughable and cringeworthy. Let me make a prediction, they will probably only kiss in the last episode of The Mentalist, and even that kiss will be like someone forced two random people to kiss. Pathetic, they are actors! Basically nothing has changed, they are still co workers who are friendly with each other, so what was the point of getting them together? 

I honestly think when this show is finished in a couple of months, Simon Baker can still save his career because most people wouldn't know the details of the crappy Mentalist ending. I don't want to be mean, but I didn't know Robin Tunney before and I doubt she will do anything meaningful after this show. 

I have to disagree with Stoopkid, this show is not great any more. Even if I've never watched it before and I joined now, I would think this show is an average, vanilla, "meh" show. Not good, not bad, just "meh", like Patrick Jane would say. Sad. The other day I watched series 4, episode 17 when Jane and agent Darcy go out of town and he confesses Red John is not dead yet. Those were amazing times, when everything seemed  possible! 

Thank you for listening. :)


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