Who is Red John?

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Brett Partridge

Brett Partridge
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I want to take the Red John finale on my hands. So my Red John is Bret Partridge. How? Bret Partridge fake his death, on the morgue on his shoulder we have seen that cut. What is the logic on doing that cut? If someone want to cover that Partridge was in Black A than when they doing that cut is evident that they cover something(the 3 dots). Is no logic on doing that cut just if Partridge was not in Black Association and he won't have the tatoo. But we know that Partridge have a tatoo, sooo that budy is not Partridge and the shoulder was cut because THERE IS NO TATOO. If there was a tatoo no need to do that cut, because when you do the cut is clearly you hide this dots. So that budy have not tatoo on shoulder and is not Partridge. I like to think that Partridge Is Red John and he win the duel with Patrick Jane making him to think that RJ is dead(Thomas MC.A.).

How do you find this theory?
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