Who is Red John?

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Wayne Rigsby

Wayne Rigsby
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I keep thinking that by some sympathetic magic RJ will be revealed as Rigsby so I keep posting here saying that he is RJ... Yea, well, anyways...
What is this talk about an eighth season? Are we not already tortured enough, or do the Hollywood idiots really think this jisbon shit is really interesting? 
Little Yellow Houses... WTF is that? How is it possible to reconcile the Oklahoma connection to Lisbon's job as a cop in San Fransicko? Ya know, I actually have a theory on this:
It is well know to people (native born Californians) that all the women in San Fransicko are 7 out of 10s... at best, yet believe themselves to be 10s. Also, these same SF 7s are always women that are from other states that moved here (SF) from the mid-west, or some other fly-over state because their moral compass is dubious and could not handle the American culture out there. I strongly believe that the most realistic part of this show, so far, is Lisbon, a clear SF 7, being from Oklahoma... despite her New York accent. 
Question: Does anyone else think Lisbon straps it on for Jane? Better yet, Does Wiley strap it on for Heller? Will Vega be cast into a transsexual role in Gotham? 
I may actually start reading again. 

How do you find this theory?
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