Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect

Unrevealed suspect
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Well, I think we got a preview last night of things to come -- Jibson returned home to Cali, and Jane picked up an adorable baby [hint, hint]

Here's how it will go:  
1) Jane will push to leave the FBI
2) Lisbon will tell Jane that being a cop is all she knows
3) something will happen to change Lisbon's mind -- like someone gets hurt, someone from CA needs her or she finds out she's pregnant
4) Jane and Lisbon open a pet shop, selling birds in Sacramento

5) BUT...not before they defeat another hillbilly mastermind in the final episode -- [who has a name of biblical proportions]

Maybe Jibson will buy a house on the same block that Grigsby lives on?  Aw...

Seems pretty clear.

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