Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect
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"We really like your new boyfriend, T.  He seems like a great guy. Don't mess this one up."

"Cool it you knuckleheads.  We've been through some shit.  He's been my partner for about a decade, after all.  Did I not mention that? Eh, it's all in the past.  Sometimes I forgot myself.  Have I told you that he has killed on multiple occasions.  But it's fine - he only did it to get back at the guy that murdered his wife and child."

"Whoa...that's pretty heavy.  Well, you look happy."

"Thanks.  I feel so relaxed in my hometown that I wore a spaghetti strap dress from circa-1995 just to prove how casual I feel.  Because, everyone knows that the midwest reeks of the mid-90's and aqua velva.  That's how we roll in the heartland."

"It's not that.  You just seem different.  Like how you didn't even get mad at Jane for not telling you about my loan shark issues."

"Yeah.  Being treated like an adult - especially as it pertains to my job - used to be really important to me.  But since we've gotten together, I've really let my guard down.  I'm showing him and everyone how much the love of a good man can tame an strong, independent, albeit messy woman.  Now I love how he just wants to protect me."
"It means a lot to us that you were able to make it. We should hang out more often."

"We totally should.  And look - I know you don't take what I do seriously because I'm your big sister and this is a well-trodden trope and all, but the next time you are in trouble with the law - call your FBI agent sister.  I'd hate to have to rely a absurdly contrived plot device to see you guys."  

End scene.

"What ever happened to that 

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