Who is Red John?

Theory #18635 • by Quitthat


Kristina Frye

Kristina Frye
Suspected in 105 theories


An ode to Frye.

Not a bloody theory, just my observation,
this show is stuck in neutral, 
and Brüno needs castration.

Frye and whatchamacallit, had some great chemistry,
Yet it was ditched for Jizbone,
An incest and travesty.

Hypnotized long time ago, by the one known as Red,
She was under his spell then, 
But why now? When John is dead.

Death of a Vampire will lift the curse from a slave,
But Sheriff hick can hold his,
Even now, beyond the grave.

Mystery persist after killing the Hillbilly,
To shove the dove up so far,
Who gave Jane, Silly Willy?

Poor Kristina... You were served a pile of doo-doo,
You deserve a better faith,
Like a better show. we do.

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