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Unrevealed suspect
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Okay, so the last two episodes took place in Lisbon's hometown of Chicago, revolving around her brothers, and childhood home in need of repair [that Jane thinks is a nice place].

And as such a strong family and baby theme has emerged, even in the story of the week -- but since it's quite clear Jibson doesn't really have sex -- how WILL they end up with a family?  Truth is, even though I think "baby" and "family" are being foreshadowed, I can't even remotely imagine Lisbon pregnant.  But of course, they could adopt.  

And then it suddenly occurred to me:  are we seeing her brothers in Chicago because we're being set up for something more sinister?  I think something could happen to her brother Stan and his wife, which would leave their three children orphaned [a familiar theme in Lisbon's family].  

Maybe Lisbon is going to find herself the instant mother to her brother's children.

How do you find this theory?
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