Who is Red John?

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Kimball Cho

Kimball Cho
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How about that Cosby scandal?

Um, on a lighter note, congratulations to the Cho being promoted to FBI bossman.  It's hardly a thrill a minute, but at least  it'll end on a note we recognize as true to his character.

Based on where they've been going with McRJ, tech wiz Haibach and the incestuous Jibson [a kind of "Mentalist in Wonderland," if you will]…..Cho could have run off with a monkey and joined the Plus size ballet.  But luckily, he's one guy we can count on being consistent [if horribly underused].  I'd welcome a spin off with Cho as the bossman but sans Jibson.  

Tune in next week to see Patrick Jane take his wedding ring off!  

Oh, and has anyone noticed that Simon Baker's accent has been very noticeable lately, in the last few episodes?

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