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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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I'm so f***ing glad this massive train wreck of a show is coming to an end. It was so great for about four, maybe five seasons, with all that build up and intrigue of the Red John mystery. Then we finally had a final list of suspects! Jane narrowed it down! We were going to know who the killer of Jane's wife and daughter was and how he got away with everything!

And then it was Yosemite Sam, the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest Napa County Sheriff ever, who is afraid of birds and can run through glass doors while shot with little effect, but can't outrun a guy who never does any physical activity, and doesn't have any back up weapons. The woman in the church? Never found anything out about her. The list of Blake Association members? That went nowhere.

Bruno Heller, screw you. There's a reason I don't watch Gotham (well, besides it's a dumb idea to do a Batman show WITHOUT Batman).

You broke my heart. This show broke my heart by being good and then destroying itself in a blaze of incompetence.

If you don't recall my review of the conclusion of the RJ arc, it's here: http://otakurevolution.com/content/pigeon-holed-the-mentalist-flips-fans-the-bird-or-red-red-whine

Here's my music video sendoff of the arc: https://vimeo.com/80520750

Also, Red John should have been Haffner. Visualize member, shook Jane's hand, has an interest in Lisbon, has an anger inside him, access to CBI information. Probably really narcissistic.

Whatever. We'll always have Seasons 1-5.

Tyger, Tyger.

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