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Unrevealed suspect
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I don't think "The Mentalist" is a fitting or appropriate title anymore [for what this show has become in the end].

So, I came up with a few ideas of my own that I think work much better:

"The FBI Bride"

"Three Fake Psychics and a Baby"

"It Happened One Night By a Duck Pond"

"The Lady Cop and the X-Ray Vision Tramp"

"The Deadliest Pigeon"

"How to Get Away with Killing Four People" …..or "One Flew Over Extradition"

"From Here in a Normal House...to an Eternity in a Shack"

and my sentimental favorite:  
"The Man Who Threw a Pigeon, Choked a Chicken…and Settled down by a Duck Pond" ...also called "Three Birds of a Feather…"

The saddest part of this story ending…that didn't even get ONE MENTION…completely forgotten….has got to be….
'The Loneliest Couch"  

Gosh, I really do feel sorry for that ole faithful leather couch -- and I've really come to see now that the relationship Jane had with that couch was one of the more profound relationships of the whole show.  Don't you think?  LOL 

Please add your own ideas….the more the merrier.

How do you find this theory?
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