Who is Red John?

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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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Heller...Sure, okay, let Jane & Lisbon start their newer life together. Yep we could've lived with that...IF...yes, IF...you'd had them drive away in the Airstream after the wedding all happy with their bundle of joy on the way...la de freaking da...okay fine...:)
BUT THEN show this end scene to only the viewers: Ray Haffner is following behind them in his car...
Now that would've been STUNNING.
(and the end credits roll...the last smiley face he leaves that we see is the one of him smiling as he drives behind them. ; )
that way it leaves it open-ended yet satisfying to more viewers. 
(WIRJ fans, please insert your own personal RJ where mine is)
I wish RJ would paint a smiley face on a certain someone. (most of us know exactly who i mean) haha
Laughter is still the best medicine. Or close to it. 

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