Who is Red John?

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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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Remember, despite being pressured by CBS and Warner Brothers to wrap up the saga prematurely, it was Bruno Heller who decided to lay down meaningless 'clues' and acted, in the truest sense of the word, coy in front of the camera when queried about the identity of Red John so as to give the impression that he did not merely pluck Red John's name out of a hat at the last possible moment, when he did. In fact, as one user on here pointed out, he went so far as to make the script of 6x08 applicable to any character in the entire fucking show, because the "details are meaningless", only to end the series in the most lackluster, uninspired way imaginable.

It is quite clear from the very first episode, that first letter Red John posted on Jane's bedroom door was Heller's own subconscious mental projection. Heller is the "dishonest little worm". Heller is the "Money-grubbing fraud". Heller is the Red John to his own series, having killed it off in record time following a staggering series of poor choices that were bound to catch up to him eventually, yet he still has a smile on his face. And now The Mentalist is officially over.

Let's really put this into perspective:

If you can't keep a show on the air that maintains upwards of 8 to 10 million viewers per episode, making so much money on a yearly basis that you can drop THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS for Simon Baker, acclaimed to be the highest paid actor on TV, something is very wrong.

I wish Baker had more pull on the matter. He could
smell Heller's bullshit from miles away. During interviews around the time Red John was 'revealed', he was clearly not pleased
with how it was handled.

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, but even after shedding
light on these underhanded scheming practices, I still feel ravaged from head to toe
by the virulent disease that is Heller's
sheer idiocy.

For this, Bruno Heller I confer to you, and only you, a warm, heartfelt, resounding:

Fuck. You.

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