Who is Red John?

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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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Sheriff Mcallister is Red John.

I support my theory on the following facts.

1- In the scene where she saves him and recited the poem Tyger, Tyger: approaches him quietly, without noticing Patrick.


2.- Also goes to him quietly, in the 6x02 which saves him a second time, without noticing on two occasions.

3- In this chapter, we show that cross quiet until the pigeons appears.

4. - On the other hand, the actor who will make Red John, in chapter 8, he looks like him young.

5. - After reading the theory on a Blake poem and see the description http://www.whoisredjohn.com/See-a-theory-Red-John/7453 I am convinced: Old John with white hair

6. - Sherif is connected to Bret Stiles may be his brother or Partridge, in which case the 666 make sense.

7. - The three dots SPOILER Also can carry religious meaning, Representing the holy trinity.

8.- finally when when he killed a accolite in CBI offices he looks dress as a sheriff.

9.- When the list is given the only person who is not called for his name is sheriff

How do you find this theory?
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