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Brett Partridge

Brett Partridge
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I found this theory yesterday. I’ve made some alterations. Although the plot is not 100%, it has more than enough proof Brett Partridge is Red John. If you don’t understand it, feel free to bash the theory. Its only fun.

Upfront: Mystery of the Pigeons!
Brett Partridge met Michael Kirkland in the carnival. Bob Kirkland once said “We moved for Mom’s work, we moved for Dad’s work. I like to think we grew up in America.” Then he says one day Michael met Red John, and accused Patrick who too was in the carnival. It only makes sense the real RJ was in the carnival too.

Michael Kirkland’s act: Hypnotist:
Kristina Frye thinks she’s dead
The little girl in season 4 says the man has a strange voice

Brett Partridge’s act: Training Birds: Lol.

The man has a personality he can flick on like a switch. He is not as good as Jane. He just has resources which make him look good.
Ok, so Brett Partridge keeps 7 pigeons in his house for theatricality. Only 1 flies out. That must take a lot of training. The imposter’s meek attempt at impersonating Brett Partridge is him feeding pigeons (His presence is explained later). The size of the wrist is too large as Patrick notices. Anyway episode 3, a pigeon homes in on McAllister after saving Jane’s life on the roof. Red John saying “You’re welcome to Patrick.” To be able to train birds, you need to communicate with an excellent sense of pitch to replicate birdsong: Whistling. Why surround yourself with birds, it’s weird, you say! Well Partridge has acaraphobia- a fear of small bugs that cause itching. Simple: Birds eat bugs. Bruno Heller said Red John likes cold. Bugs are cold-blooded and thrive in warm environments. Partridge looks like being in the desert is slightly bothering him. Ok. As far as evidence goes everything I’ve said so far is a 1/10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you're saying Partridge is Redjohn, we must also say his name means something. "Brett" for son of "Bret" Stiles and "Partridge" indicating he is the appointed leader of Tiger Tiger. The fact his surname is a bird underlines his fondness of birds. Bret Stiles originally formed Tiger Tiger 25 years ago. Jason Cooper in Red Barn said 25 years ago, "Police never took reports from Visualise seriously." That's perfect motive for Visualise to form Tiger Tiger.

Part 1: Desert Rose

Partridge's dilemma

4 years ago, Agent Bosco got a lead on the Redjohn case. Partridge knew it would help identify him. Partridge, however, has no idea whether Bosco, who dies, told Jane this lead.

In the desert, Jane isn't thinking straight. He's angry. The case about Cody Benbow freaked him out. If you want to know why, read theory 8291. 

Ok, back to Partridge. So if you read theory 8291, you know why Jane is extra pissed while staring at Partridge, a RJ suspect. The anger is clouding Jane's mental sharpness. He does not immediately recognise that the flies are irking Partridge and does not connect it to Bosco's intel. At the end of the scene, Partridge looks like he just dropped the ball. Partridge recognises Jane was angry, because he planted the Cody Benbow case. Partridge also knows he may have just given the game away, and that IF Bosco told Jane the RJ lead, Jane would figure out his identity very, very soon.

Partridge is at West Huron all day, if you look at when they first bug the suspects.
Partridge realises there's no sense in risking Jane hunting him down on the same day, so he kills that identity. Redjohn kills Brett Partridge. He is the leader of Tiger Tiger, of course he can fake his death. Oscar Cordeiro, the EMT who arrived for the Private Investigator is RJ's man.

Patrick's ONE UP!

Patrick Jane later connects that RJ is Brett Partridge. He phones Lisbon excitedly like 3 times. But then he finds out RJ has Lisbon. Then Patrick forms the base of his ultimate plan: He will pretend he never heard that info from Bosco, and pretend he doesn't know who RJ is.

He drives to the scene. He needs water; he takes Partridge's blood. And he looks extremely concerned for Lisbon, in order to avoid checking Partridge's body. This way he can keep up the facade he doesn't really know who RJ is.

Part 2: Black-winged Redbird

Patrick goes into the meeting of 3 suspects, and uses suggestion. He plants the word "bugged," near the end of his speech, and talks about Sophie Miller like RJ made a mistake that would help uncover his identity. Patrick is still acting. He knows who RJ is.

Partridge is still in a dilemma. Does Patrick know, or doesn't he know? Partridge sends someone, a spy, who looks just like him with make-up and red hair and red fingernails, feeding pigeons. HE'S EVEN WEARING PARTRIDGE's EXACT WATCH!

Patrick sees the spy’s wrists are too large to be Brett. Patrick doesn't take the bite. Instead, he lets the spy overhear that he thinks RJ will have left a file because he must have visited her in person. Patrick really knows she had a vocal recorder. RJ doesn't know this! But it’s no help to Patrick, since he already knows his identity.

Part 3: Wedding episode

Patrick pretends Sherriff could be a RJ suspect. Lisbon even tests the "acrophobia," another misdirection from Patrick... He is surprised that an accomplice would save his life though. Very surprised. Bigger question: How does Sherriff know to go to the rooftop, and what kind of escape plan involves going up a rooftop. Was this guy hypnotised by Kirkland? I mean he's shot dead so we'll never know.

When the pigeon flies up. It's like Partridge saying "You're welcome," to Patrick.

Part 4: Kirkland dies. Or does he? I have no idea. Kirkland could still tell Patrick about "Tiger Tiger and other interesting info," if Patrick visited while he's detained.

Part 5: The Red Tattoo

Partridge is still wondering if Jane knows who he is. When he bugs CBI, he'll probably hear Rigsby talking about Haffner as an RJ suspect. Then, he purposely bears his tattoo while he's killing the Private Investigator, and makes sure Oscar Cordeiro, the EMT sees Jane's reaction at the scene. Jane continues his act! He leans in close to hear the tattoo clue and wipes away the bloody dots convincingly.  No doubt that Cordeiro will report back to Redjohn, telling him about this. Then Jane finally has his leverage. Partridge will think he's unknown.

Part 6: Jane can manipulate the clue, to pull all 5 suspects, including Bret Stiles, RJ's father into a room. RJ will expect Patrick would do this, but now thinks Patrick doesn’t know who he is.
What happens next? Wait and see.

How do you find this theory?
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