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Dr. Royston Daniel

Dr. Royston Daniel
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I think Dr. Royston is Red John , I have mi reasons:

1- When Miranda Martins (Lorelei Sister) was killed she wrote on the floor "Roy". Red John uses ROY  of nickname and Dr. Daniel Royston too.

He fits with all the clues:

1- Hes attractive and he looks smart.
2-Fits age.

Look at this conversation of Lorelei with Patrick:

PJ: Red John killed your sister!
L: No he didnt!
PJ: Yes! She wrote "ROY" on the floor and we BOTH KNOW WHO USES THAT NICKNAME!

Perhaps he doesnt have friends in the CBI or in the FBI and perhaps he didnt worked in Visualize.

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While my little RJ investigation i found William blakes painting called "a brace of partridge". There are two partridges shown and thats why i thought for a short moment: can there be a Brother of Brett partridge who wie know with another Name? Thats maybe the reason why partridge has that Similarities to RJ (his brother) and why heller makes it a Kind of obvious.

Kept that unlikely thought in mind i was looking all Old episodes with the 30 cbs suspects. And i discovered something interesting. Watch the Episode with royston Daniel and wait for the scene when Jane is in Daniels Office. He grabs a Book with a picture of Daniel on it. And incidentally he says something like: "its a very old picture of you, isnt it?" stop that scene and compare that picture with One if partrdige. Ouh i think Dr. ROYston Daniel is RJ!

Wish you a Good Time and an succesfully search for red john. Sorry for my poor english

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The show has provided the fans with 30 contenders for the
seven spots in the May 5th season finale. Though I think the Seven
will inevitably contain fan favorites like LaRoche, Partridge, Bret Stiles,
etc., it may be possible to narrow it down even further. We already know (or
think we know) some things about Red John from Lorelei and Rosalind Harker, but
it’s probably more effective to first apply some common logic.


The most concrete thing we know about Red John is that he
has a whole cult of personality, largely female, doing his dirty work. So we
know Red John must be:


Charismatic – people have to be WILLING to
follow him, even enthusiastic about it

Well-Connected – Red John has his people in
various positions of power including the FBI, Homeland Security (maybe), within
the CBI, possibly inside Visualize, etc.

Somewhat Attractive – this is solely a
superficial observation, but most of the women who work for Red John like
Lorelei, Rebecca, Timothy Carter’s wife, etc. all describe Red John as the
master of their hearts, or some equivalent verbiage.

Wealthy – Red John obviously has unlimited
resources as he is able to get to locations immediately (Jane’s house, Panzer’s
murder workshop, Kristina Frye’s house, the hotel room in Mexico), owns
property, has surveillance equipment, bought sky-writing services, etc.


So when we turn to the 30 potential suspects that the
Mentalist writers have identified we see the field is cut down significantly.
We must ask ourselves, which suspects fit the above criteria? The obvious
candidates are Bret Stiles, Walter Mashburn, Tommy Volker, and Dr. Royston
Daniel. Gabe Mancini and Robert Kirkland might be able to sneak in to the line
up but nothing is really known about how wealthy they are and Kirkland is
anything but charismatic.


Several of the more popular choices are eliminated,
including Brett Partridge. It’s arguable whether Brett is the appropriate age
for Red John (over 40), but the fact is he’s simply creepy, not a killer. He
doesn’t appear to be the type who would be charismatic, attractive, wealthy, or
well connected. And he is in direct violation of the idea put forth by Lorelei,
that he should have been Jane’s friend from the start. Jane hates him, and Jane
is not morbid or ghoulish.


Now to look at the reduced list of suspects:


Bret Stiles – I think it’s arguable that Bret and Jane are
actually friends, even if it is a weird and stilted relationship. We know Bret
is capable of murder and that he fits all of the other criteria. However, this
is simply too obvious. We know that Red John is or was a member of Visualize at
least in 1988. And we also know that Bret was able to provide Kristina Frye’s
whereabouts, leading the audience to think that he either is in contact with
Red John, or he has access to his confessions. I find it hard to believe that
Bret would be slumming with any of the known associates of Red John like Todd
Johnson, Rebecca, Dumar Tanner, Rosalind Harker, etc.


Walter Mashburn – Walter, too, fits all of the criteria
above. Personally I hope it isn’t him, mostly because I love his character.
Walter seems to be a little too relaxed and devil-may-care to take the time to
plot murders and run an entire syndicate of minions. Plus there is no evidence
linking him to Visualize, yet.


Tommy Volker – He too fits all the criteria, and we know he
runs a whole cult of personality. However given that there was an entire
storyline dedicated to his crimes, and that the Red John crimes are continuing
even after he is in jail/prison, this makes him unlikely. (Coincidentally this
is also the reason I don’t believe it’s Dr. Linus Wagner . . . he’s been in
jail since episode one of the series – though he’s creepy and his voice might


Dr. Royston Daniel – This is my choice for Red John. He is
charismatic, and already runs his own semi-cult with the NLP group. He is
capable of hypnotizing people, and training people to hypnotize other people.
He already hypnotized someone into pretending to be him (the audience member at
the beginning of his lecture) and could have easily done this to Timothy
Carter. We also see that he has women fighting and killing for his affections.
He is attractive, he is wealthy, and he is likely well connected since he
trains people on how to become more effective at their jobs, etc. Plus he fits
Rosalind Harker’s description as far as hair and height.  There are also additional reasons to believe
it’s him: 1) his name is Royston (Roy Tagliaferro), 2) he identifies as a
Doctor, though likely a PhD – like Dr. Joe NH, 3) his initials are RD, unknown
middle name, possibly “ReD”; 4) he is British therefore drinks tea (we see Roy
Tagliaferro drinking tea with Rosalind); 5) like Jane, he is capable of mind
control through hypnotism. I don’t think his accent or lack of the creepy
Red-John-voice is dispositive, as anyone can disguise a voice/accent.

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no theory here, but I just read that Lorelei is NOT dead, she will be in tomorrow night's episode!!  Red John remains a step ahead of Jane...but the list WILL be down to 7 real suspects.  Bruno said no more twists, just facts after this.  No fake red johns, we will know his name in the finale!

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I believe this week's season finale will be a major game changer. We have all loved speculating on RJ's identity throughout the years and names such as Mashburn, Minelli, Bertram, LaRoche etc. have circulated constantly.

The finale will whittle the suspect list down to 7 and I believe a lot of popular names will be ruled out. 

Drama and intrigue would probably dictate that RJ has to be someone who has been in the show since early on and has appeared multiple times. I don't believe that to be the case necessarily. Bruno Heller plans at least one more season and I believe this will be used to investigate fresh leads and explore more characters. 

Let's look at the evidence over dramatic convenience. There are 4 major clues. 

[1] The priest in Red Barn implies he saw a kid drawing the RJ symbol on the barn back in 1988. A kid seems to indicate anything from 5 to 25 so RJ would seem to be between 30 and 50.

Rosalind Harker describes him as [2] just under 6 foot (therefore probably between 5'9 and 6), [3] average build and [4] has short, straight hair.


Now let's go through the suspect list posted on the CBS website to start us off and see if they disqualify on the aforementioned criteria.

[1] BETWEEN 30 AND 50 -

This rules out the following for being too old - Bret Styles (actor is 69), Asher Maclean (actor is 55), Judge Manchester (actor is 65), Sheriff McAllister (actor is 57), Jason Cooper (actor is 59), Dr. Linus Wagner (actor is 55), Virgil Minelli (actor is 65), Max Winter (actor is 55) and Vint Molinari (actor is 62).

The actors that play Donny Culpepper, Ellis Mars and JJ LaRoche are all 52 so I've kept them in consideration as they aren't far off the maximum age.


This rules out the following for being too tall - Gale Bertram (actor is 6'3), Doc Dugan (actor is 6'3), Gabe Mancini (actor is 6'2), Walter Mashburn (actor is 6'3), Reede Smith (actor is 6'3).

This rules out the following for being too short - Markham Shankar (unsure of actor height but appeared much shorter than Patrick Jane who is 5'10), Tolman Bunting (actor is 5'7) and Osvaldo Ardilles (unsure on height but looks no more than 5'5 compared to other characters).

I wasn't sure on the height of the actor that plays Glen/Glennda Snow. 

The actors that play Ray Haffner and Richard Haibach are 6'1. The actor playing Don Henderson is 5'8. As they are only an inch above or below my minimum and maximum heights, I'm keeping these 3 as suspects.


This rules out JJ LaRoche and Don Henderson for being overweight or overly stocky. I'm also ruling out Paul Fricke for being too slight. Glen/Glennda Snow appears way too muscular.


This is quite inconclusive. Roy Tagliaferro (Red John) could have shaved, lost or grown his hair since he and Rosalind Harker were lovers.

However, I'm allowing this to rule out Dean Harker and Tommy Volker as their hair is much too naturally wavy.

I'm going to rule out Donny Culpepper due to the fact he is only a petty thief and, as stated above, is a little too old.


So... who do we have left?

Those who perfectly match the criteria are -

Robert Kirkland
Brett Partridge
Dr. Royston Daniel

Through minor exceptions in criteria, I am still allowing the following onto my suspect list -

Ray Haffner
Ellis Mars
Richard Haibach

I believe also that the CBS website may have omitted a suspect or two in order to preserve dramatic tension. Coupled with the recent spoiler that Lisbon will be shocked when she hears the first of the suspect names, I believe Patrick Jane's other suspect will be her brother Tommy. 


My final 7 suspects (that I believe will be revealed in the finale) are Robert Kirkland, Brett Partridge, Dr. Royston Daniel, Ray Haffner, Ellis Mars, Richard Haibach and Tommy Lisbon.


Partridge is scheduled to appear in the finale. I can see him being eliminated from suspicion dramatically at the end of the episode; bringing the suspect list down to 6 in time for season 6.

Kirkland will likely be revealed as either an RJ accomplice or, more intriguingly, someone like Patrick who is trying to get vengeance on the infamous serial killer. He's clearly a red herring (pun intended).

Haffner's Visualise connection will likely be further explored in season 6 and this will be another opportunity to bring back Bret Styles. However, I believe his plot arc will be used to finally bring down Visualise rather than reveal RJ.

Ellis Mars will probably reappear in season 6 but I can actually see him being a victim this time.

Haibach's been left a little open ended. It was clear he was up to no good as he was caught taking photographs of young women. I think he will be brought to justice for stalking in a future episode but won't be Red John. Maybe an accomplice though.

Tommy Lisbon's inclusion on the suspect list will be used to highlight a little more conflict between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon. I can imagine Red John's Rules will have a video recording of Lorelai being forced to communicate RJ's new rules. This will involve threatening Lisbon's life if Jane doesn't do something that RJ wants. I can see this leading to Tommy trying to save his sister and getting killed by Red John in the process.

That leaves us with Dr. Royston Daniel. The perfect suspect. He's appeared early on in the show. He's charismatic, handsome, powerful and a master of hypnosis and NLP. An ideal adversary for Patrick Jane. They seem also to be the exact same height and somewhat similar looking (though Daniel has dark hair and Jane has light hair - nice symbolism). I can see this creating a powerful visual for their final confrontation.

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Dr. Royston Daniel = Red John.
Roy = the alias RJ uses
RJ would be confident & arrogant enough to use the shortened version of his name as his alias
Dr. Royston is a genius, a top hypnotist, very successful, very smooth, good looking, fits the description of RJ as per Rosalind Harker, and possesses skills of manipulation and hypnosis only very few talented people can perform (Kristina Fry was hypnotised to believe she was dead).
There are many other factors pointing to the strong possibility that he is RJ, however, it would take days to explain...
Check out S01 E18 , the only episode he appeared in..
In my opinion, I say, he's guilty!!
Let's see...
RJ could only be Kirkland, Mashburn or Dr. Royston in my opinion..
Minelli was hypnotised by PJ (see S01 E18).. I don't think it's possible to hypnotize RJ.. Many other factors which lead me away from Minelli as being RJ..
It would be too cliche is Stiles was RJ... I would be disappointed if stiles was RJ... Surely the producers are more creative than that...
Anyway, interesting to see what everyone else says..
I am a Mentalist fanatic!!

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