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Grace Van Pelt

Grace Van Pelt
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Theory #18939 • By pranavk1992
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Redhead Red John. Knows Jane and each of his movements. People dying for her, especially her boyfriend. 

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Been watching the new show "jessica jones" on netflix...
And the villian can make anyone he wants do whatever he wants just by asking...
Still dont know how but he doesnt seem to have powers...

ANYWAY...this dude and what this dude does would of been fucking PERFECT FOR RED JOHN!!!!
A guy who can make anyone do as he pleases at will? Kill Bosco? Sure kill janes family? Sure why not?
Make kristina freye into a vegetable? Just takes one sentence..
God i am still mad haha

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Whats up everybody!
Long time no see

So i havent seen Simon Baker in an shows or movies so i bet he is taking time off with his family...
But just like Brett Favre who retired like 12 times and came back to football, Baker is gonna get bored and have that itch for acting again...
Maybe hell have other roles...maybe not..
But the fanbase is still very much alive and devoted..
If a new network wants to throw some money Bakers way to bring back the Mentalist,
You think he will take it?

People swear up and down the show is done and it most likely is...
But this is Hollywood and money can do magical things sometimes...

"So Simon, how about we bring the Mentalist back, this time with no Cbs or Bruno Heller calling the shots"
What do you say??..

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Well that was weird.

Everything has been weird since the reveal.
The people who work for the show spoiled every twist and turn possible.
The RJ reveal was in the promo.
Bruno Heller doing a thousand interviews that i read on some weird Christian website.
He literally told us what was going to happen and that they pulled Red John from their ass.
Seriously what creator of a show built on mystery spoils his own shit?
Red Johns done, he isn't coming back , Nobody liked the Rj story line, Jane moved on, all chance of RJ return is not happening don't worry, things are going to end happy, here is a promo of our series conclusion a week in advance in case you were wondering if the characters will survive. We wouldn't wanna build SUSPENSE OR ANYTHING!!

Even weirder that they chose to recreate the show only for one short season instead of doing the Red John stuff right.
New characters and new setting, they even added a new member to the team in the finale!!! WHO DOES THAT?
Are they selling themselves to another network?

This season reminded me of Burn Notice and definitely could be on USA.
The "MENTOR alist"? Jane training some young gumshoes?
Or maybe "Red John the college years"...so we can learn about a guy who was as powerful as the president who let it all go away because he wanted to mess with some guy who called a serial killer a monster over a decade ago.
He decided it was the right time to "confront" Jane when his gang got CAUGHT and his EMPIRE WAS CRUMBLING.
He let Jane expose the tattoo clue about his people and ruin his life's work...... All so Jane could hear tiger tiger from a few people and only then he could shoot him after Jane pretended to think Bertam was Red John?!?!?!?!

Confession: There is a part of me who was happy watching the finale.
I knew nothing was going to happen so I just enjoyed it for what it was.
Seeing CBI Ron dance and Cho give fashion advice was enough for me.
Jane being a damn good con man and reading all those people on TV.
Pulling a MCguiver with the bubble gum making it a bomb.
Seeing Abbot talk cracks me up i don't know why.
He is just too damn smooth. 
Even though Patrick Jane is a tragic character and it should of ended differently,
i was still happy to see him happy after all these years of hell.
He was a great character to watch and i will miss his antics.

Been a pleasure sharing theories with all you out there.
We had wayyyy better ideas on here than real life and thats a FACT!
To all the trolls, inside your jacket pocket is a dead mouse.
It smells like dick cheese mixed with rotten fish and it will linger inside your pocket for all eternity.
No matter how many times you wash it the smell will be there. Alive.
Use a fabric softener it doesn't matter, that dead mouse is leaving his mark. mark.


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Remember when Stoopkid the kid who can't leave his stoop said GVP was red John! Hahahhaaha you faggot I'm back

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They're both married.

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You guys are idiots. You're worse then jisbon fans.At-least they're civilized and I'm sure some of them enjoyed the Red John arc.This site was made to honor Red John. Instead, intelligence has left everyone's minds. Don't comment unless you have to something valuable to say. Instead some buffoons here are talking about left nuts and about making fun of Bruno Heller. This is the epitome of retardation! #Pathetic Scum 
                                                                                                                                                      What will you baboons be doing when the show is over. GROW UP FOR FUCK SAKE!!!! Truth be told, tho I sound barbaric, I'm right. 

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