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So, I have some few questions About the whole RJ unmask thing, that, as I barely watched the season 6, I don't have any ideas of the answers, so if someone could help and answer them for me, they are:

1- What Happened to the "Blake Association"?
2- Why did Red John's voice pitch changed so freaking much since that episode 23 of season 2(the one Jane kinda get caught by him) ?
3- How Did McAllister manage to control his fear of height, when he helped Jane?

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Here is a route heller could take....i hope..

Make Jason Cooper red john. He is creepy, feminine, and we know nothing about him.
Maybe go the Farragutt route. Cooper was farragutt but faked his death to evade the fbi with the help of Styles.
The fbi was always Visualizes biggest threat as they were trying to arrest Styles for Farragutts death 30 years after the fact for some odd reason. I know this show likes pointless cluess but they brought up Farragutt for no reason so far.
So contrary to what people think Farragutt and Styles are close. Styles was trying to evade the fbi and what better way to than to fake his death? 2pac did it.
Not only that but Styles could ressurect like Jesus for his church just like he wanted.

I have been wondering what the deal with Fischer is . At first i was like ok she sucks but then i realized how irrelevant she really is. Too irrelevant serving no purpose whatsoever. She seems like Visualie to me with her robot personality. She is a visualize mole in the fbi. She hardly talks and takes orders very well. She is obsessed with Jane.
The key moment with her was when she saw Jane took off his wedding ring for their date together. That was the "moment" she spoke of when opening up to Jane.
She was hired by Visualize to watch Jane in mexico too.
Remember she found jane and we all assumed the fbi hired her. BUT Abbott had no idea where Jane was on the island. Wouldnt Fischer call and say he is staying in room blah blah? YES!
At first i thought she was gonna be Janes new love especially when she made him great tea. But no they have not even spoken in 5 episodes.
Maybe forget the whole cooper thing but they should deff play up this Farragutt story line.

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If Red John was not the leader of the BA then i would be a lot cooler with ep 8. If they made Rj a member of the BA for connections but against them thus using jane to take them out it would of been perfect.
A serial killer who is a sheriff? Ok thats fine. A serial killer who is the leader of a mafia like gang of law enforcement is ridic!
All they had to do was tweak it so that he was not the leader, thats all!

Some soft voiced serial killer who controls 1000 powerful people and nobody knows who he is was the problem for me. If i was a senator and some soft voiced weirdo called me and said "do this" id say f u!
At the same time we have 1 ep left of hope. The fbi is the key since rj seemed to have a friend in the fbi plus the fbi always interfered with cbi. Jane knows this and i think its why he took the job among other reasons.
Can a brotha get a Visualize episode !!!

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I love how people tell me to "get over it" when they themselves cant get over it!
If you still come to whoisredjohn.com then YOU ARE NOT OVER IT!
Time is not an issue at all, they did all that they did in episode 1-8 right?
Why not do it again? Realistically all you need is one episode really.
Haibach was not behind the hit-list i am 100 percent sure of that.
These are the suspects to look out for

Cooper- creepy
Haffner- if alive
Fischer-hired by someone other than abbot to watch jane. FACT
Wylie- odd fella
Frye- does she talk yet?
Markus Pike- he is mar

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Could Jason Cooper be timothy Farragut ?
Even if he is not him, i believe Farragut faked his death with the help of styles .
Faked his death and created his own underground church.
The bleeding eyes of the red john smiley face is the darkness that seeps out of the visualize eye.
Visualize is the light and red johns church/cult is the darkness.
Harnessing all the negative evil energy and actually using it as opposed to getting rid of it or hiding it .
Do what thou will in other words.

I always thought if Faragut was alive or one of his children were alive they would kill Styles for revenge. But them i thought maybe styles helped out .
Styles seems to be connected to rj somehow. He knew where to find Kristina Freye too.
I also realized that Visualize must be enemies of the BA.
Visualize has its own cops that they control that are not BA.
Its odd that the fbi aka Ba was gunning for Styles right before his "death". Hmm?

Also Linus Wagner is back!
He killed his partner Tannen who was a plastic surgeon. He did so because Tannen was going to expose him for using money to feed African children. I DONT BUT THIS REASONING AT ALL!
There had to be another reason he killed him. Maybe Red John got a nose job and Tannen found out something he shouldn't have.
Two more weeks !

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Okay here is my Farragut theory:
Timothy Farragut is Jason Cooper is Red John. Whenever Stiles tried to kill Timothy Farragut,Farragut faked his death and changed his identity. Farragut then wormed his way back into Visualize to Stiles second in command while Stiles has no clue. Whenever Cooper was humiliated by Stiles whenever Cooper tried to take his place, Cooper didn't later use his alter ego as RJ to kill Stiles because he knew he had to be patient because Stiles was either going to die of cancer or would get his at Jane's house. Once Stiles was dead Cooper would rise to power to be Visualize's next leader.
He would then be the leader of two groups Visualize and his Red John disciples and finally be able to take down the dreaded BA. As someone else on this sight has mentioned when Red John told Patrick:Tyger Tyger
He was trying to give him a hint as to the existence of the BA so Patrick could take it down. Timothy Farragut was not in law enforcement so he was not in the BA and the only thing standing between him and control of California was the BA.
Cooper knew that Jane was getting close when Jane figured out Red John was someone he had shaken hands with so Cooper knew he had to act this time instead of letting Jane act first. I think that one of those guys that Kirkland sent into Jane's office was a member of Visualize and he looked more thoroughly than just at the board. I think that Jane hid his real work somewhere else. That is how Cooper got the list.


Visualize is very good at brainwashing people so I think that Cooper knows a great deal about hypnosis and that is how he made Kristina go brain dead.

I think that the BA sent Kira Tinsley to bug the CBI to try and figure out how much Jane and the team knew about the BA. Bertram doesn't know that much because he does not work with Jane day-to-day and he is tasked with finding out how much Jane knows. ( remember from the meeting)
So Bertram sends Kira Tinsley in to bug the CBI. Jane and Cho figure it out and Bertram or someone else goes to kill her. They made the mistake of letting Kira see the tattoo. That was not Red John that killed her because he would have used a tazer or a gun to kill her and he would definitely not have left her alive.

Jane plants bomb beforehand just in case. When Patrick lines everyone up Haffner goes for his gun. Jane detonates the bomb. Haffner is a Red John disciple and wakes up before everyone else and kidnaps the closest person next to him( McAllister) and takes him to Cooper who in turn hypnotizes McAllister into thinking he is Red John.

•Red John "episode"
Jane kills McAllister and thinks it is finally over. Cooper is glad he got off clean. Takes a break from being Red John and focuses on Visualize. I predict we will hear from Visualize again before the season finale.

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