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Kristina Frye

Kristina Frye
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Satanic Rituals and mind control..
The only person who could mindfuck Freye like that was Stiles..

"My dear chap, I know so much more than you or Red John could ever imagine"

Frye was the only character that fit two big Rj criterias for me..
1) obsessed with proving her powers
2) obsessed with Jane to the point where she HAD THE SAME EXACT JOB!!
Talk about feaeful symmetry right? She literally was a cbi psycic...
She also talked to Rj on tv like Jane..
She also described Janes fams death to him..heartless..
I think Stiles gift wrapped Rj for Jane and destroyed her mind..

BUT the Ba is something else....
If you research serial killers enough you realize that most times it was really a sex trafficking operation thats covered their tracks by creating a false narrative of some "loner" dude..
Like Timothy Carter, prominant "good guy" with a sex slave..
Guy from ep 1 that copycatted RJ, he seemed like a elite pedo who got kids from his africa trips..

Seriously, son of sam, dahmer, Gacy, etc were just the dudes who would deliver the child or girl to the cult members...

Stiles either was boss or wanted to take them down..
The BA and Macalister werent serial killers, they were pedofile sex trafficking people...
Especially in Cali!
Lorelie was a sex slave turned vegas recruiter..
Thats what these people do, they kill your sister then trauma base mind control you..

**big point here..
Kinda weird that Stiles just so happens to die at the same exact time that
he is in hiding from the fbi...

Meaning we have no idea still what happened that night, jane had a gun who the fuck threw a concussion bomb? Lol

Stiles faked his death that night..
He was prob in the car leaving janes house when lisbon was arriving...
How he pulled it off i dont know but no way he was in hiding from the fbi, dying of cancer, and magically blown up in the process...
No way..too convenient..

Freye could of been BA too but i think she killed Janes Fam..
Bertram knew Red John was Ba!!!
Said hes top brass but didnt say the boss..
Plus how can Bertram know whos top what if nobody knows whos who...

I think in the end Stiles used Jane but also led jane to the dirtiest group of law officials ever...
Stiles wasnt petty enough to kill Janes family..i think Freye was the only one insane enough to be petty as RJ was...

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Maybe Jane could be Red John but I do not think.You know, season 6 was complete bullshit. According to me, THE WRITERS failed.

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An ode to Frye.

Not a bloody theory, just my observation,
this show is stuck in neutral, 
and Brüno needs castration.

Frye and whatchamacallit, had some great chemistry,
Yet it was ditched for Jizbone,
An incest and travesty.

Hypnotized long time ago, by the one known as Red,
She was under his spell then, 
But why now? When John is dead.

Death of a Vampire will lift the curse from a slave,
But Sheriff hick can hold his,
Even now, beyond the grave.

Mystery persist after killing the Hillbilly,
To shove the dove up so far,
Who gave Jane, Silly Willy?

Poor Kristina... You were served a pile of doo-doo,
You deserve a better faith,
Like a better show. we do.

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I can't believe Red john's story will end with such a loser sheriff.. I mean Heller had so many freakin' choices to make red john(Harker,Rigsby,Jane Himself, even Bertram would have been better RJ than mcallister).. I always found it strange that there are so many red haired woman in this show: van pelt, shettrick, darcy, harker, frye.. That was just a freaking accident?, don't you fking kidding me, Heller! If this show end with jisbon shits i'am gonna be the saddest man in the world.

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So if that Lazarus will be Kristina Frye? Maybe she become a Red John follower and the show finale will not be that bad.

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More news again with a rehash of old. Another new love interest for Patrick Jane to compete with Libson for season 7.



The seventh season of "The Mentalist" will add a new character, according to a report.
TVLine reported
that a rookie FBI agent named Michelle Vega will join the cast of the
popular TV show. According to the web site's spoiler chat, "a new woman
is about to enter Patrick Jane's (professional) life. The CBS drama is
casting the series regular role of Michelle Vega, a rookie FBI agent who
is a student of combat and weaponry and is unfazed by high-pressure
situations (such as when the show awaited that 11th-hour renewal)."
This is the first time that a casting spoiler was revealed for the
series bidding goodbye next season. Despite the spoiler clearly saying
that Michelle Vega will enter Patrick Jane's professional life, how will
this new agent affect Teresa Lisbon? The final episode of season 6
showed Patrick Jane admitting his feelings for Teresa.

Meanwhile show creator Bruno Heller hinted that "The Mentalist"
season 7 will be action-packed and will be filled with thrilling chases.
"Up until now if you're comparing it to Moby Dick, which is one of the
analogies I used to describe the length of the chase, next season the
whale has been sighted and they're in the small boats and chasing the
whale," Heller told Entertainment Weekly report.
Heller could be referring to the long chase that Patrick Jane is
after. However, the show creator also said that the final season will
follow the usual format of new mysteries every week.
To the disappointment of many fans, "The Mentalist" season 7 may have
fewer episodes. Latest talks claimed that the series will have 13
episodes next season to bring conclusion to the series. Moreover, the
series may lose its timeslot on Sunday's primetime due to its poor
ratings in the past.
"The Mentalist" season 7 will be back on air in the fall.

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Heller on returning to the Red John story line , his followers and the Ba...

Heller: "I never say never, but I would say I think the audience and the story demands that we step away from that trope for a while".

That proves there gonna go back to it after the hiatus of lovey dovey shit.
What would you think if there was 100s of red johns?
With one mastermind pulling all the strings using others to do their bidding?
I wouldn't complain

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