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Lorelei Martins

Lorelei Martins
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Just saw EPISODE 4!!...SPOILERS!!!!

Another great episode.
This season is cool and really keeps me entertained.
People tend to forget the old murder of the week cases were pretty cut and dry typically about a vengeful husband lover or wife. With the fbi the cases are more colorful.
I miss my GVP and Rigsby but Abbot and Wiley are a good tradeoff.
Erika Flynn was...hot. I hope we see some more familiar faces like Stiles Freye and LORELIE!!!
First time we heard her name in years!
And by the way Jisbon is great. You are all afraid to admit it but Jane and Lisbons relationship is MUCH more interesting and entertaining now.
Season 1-6 "jane what are you hiding
"Nothing lisbon"
"I am mad at you and walking away"
That Lorelie and Mashburn line was GREAT!
Next week we have Abbotts family involved.
He is my man.
And once again i see NO WAY the show can build up a new bad guy in enough time to make a two hour series finale about.
No, the series finale must be about the past or someone returning from the dead. Cough Stiles, cough Lorelie.

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please help out a fello mentalist (the old mentalist) fanatic...


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The show returns in November !
Called it!

Been thinking about Lorelie and how she said Rj is just like Jane.
Macalister is so far from Jane its plain to see.
Someone else is out there that is just like Jane.

And how she said it too with so much anger....
Didnt sound like a girl talking about her cult leader, right?
Rebecca Anderson would never reveal any disdain for her God.
She also said Jane was just like Red John but in a nice manner.
No Lorelie sounded like she was talking about a man she knew personally, her Father.
She has major dad issues thats why she linked with Jane..
She went for a guy just like her dad.
Also everyone can see Lorelie is different from all of Rj followers.
She is trained and not a robot pawn.
Rj has used every follower of his in the show as a pawn thus far.
Leaving them to be killed...
Not Lorelie, she was special.

Alex Jane could of had a son named Robert Kirkland...
Alcoholic Alex Jane created a monster in Robert..
Thats my second very slim slim theory..

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This site will never die!!!!
Its just slow bc the show is on a very long hiatus but
when it comes back this site will be cool again.
Cbs pressured this show and ruined it.
But this year they have nothing to lose.
This is the only show ever that has a chance to end as the greatest of all time
Or simply just ehh its a good show.
Why not go out with a bang?

Being it an encore season i see them bringing back some old characters;
Erica Flynn is a definite but i could see Styles, Freye , and Lorelie coming back.
I mean Lorelie was found in a carnival setting with the words ALIVE written on a picture clear as day.
Styles died off camera and Lisbon hinted at his return as well as the actor who plays Haffner.

My slim chance theory...
Rj or the mastermind behind red john is Janes dad.
Janes dad is also Lorelies step father.
Lorelie met Rj when her step father came into her life..
Miranda met Rj when she was reunited with Lorelie and met her step dad.
Then the Ba Killed Miranda because we all know Rj does not rape people.
Lorelie and her Step dad aka Alex Jane devised a plan to take out the Ba with the help of Jane without him even knowing it.
Long shot but either way i am gonna watch, season 7 needs to get here fast!

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Guys posted in the comment section is the infamous clue from Lorelie's crime scene.
In addition to this clue, Lorelie had no mark on her face and NO gunshot wound on her left arm!
She had both in the Dvd. I mean not even a scratch where she got shot. Weird...
Check out the comment section for the pic...

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I read this on another site, i am not the only one with this line of thinking apparentlt...
But i was the first to say red john never guessed Janes list, Lorelie made the list.

'"Jane also knows that Lorelei was not killed by RJ. He easily spotted her death scene as faked by the Feds. So, Jane also knew that Lorelei was in Fed custody; and, that the video where she supposedly reads out the names on his RJ suspects list was actually made while in Fed cudtody.

Was Jane amazed that Lorelei knew (possibly from Red John) the names on his list? Nope; because he never had that list until Lorelei read it. When Lisbon arrives and wants to know if Red John was right, Jane has pictures for each of the suspects on 'his list' ready to show her as proof that, Yep, RJ scored 100%! (Jane doesn't want Lisbon and CBI to know that Lorelei is still alive.)

Lorelei, of course, knew Jane would spot the faked Fed setup. She probably cooperated with the Feds to help set it up (and made sure it was botched). Feds went along with the video because she would not ID Red John but would include Red John in the list for Patrick to eventually ferret out whereupon the Feds would nab RJ. Lorelei knew that would be Jane's belief, too.

So, both the Feds and Jane believed Lorelei would include the name of Red John so that Patrick would kill RJ before the Feds could arrest him. Feds gambled they would be able to prevent that and grab RJ alive.

Lorelei lied to both. She is Red John the mastermind. She had managed to find and kill Red John the serial killer before being grabbed by the Feds.

The heart of Lorelei's (Red John's) organization is not Tyger-Tyger with agents wearing a silly 'three stones' (trail symbol = "danger") tattoo. Perhaps Lorelei somehow acquired Tyger-Tyger connections or even a position of leadership.

Lorelei's organization is primarily made up of women 'Red John' has rescued and recruited from women's shelters. She treated them well and gave each of them a new, interesting life with plenty of money and other benefits. That is why her female agents are so dedicated to 'Red John'.

When it came time to arrange for getting the video to Jane, Lorelei would have to be given some freedom by the Feds in order to contact an agent of RJ and get him/her to make a convincing delivery. (I think Lorelei used the situation to escape the Feds.) The female agent 'tied up loose ends' by taking poison.

We can guess that Lorelei was once, years ago, known to Jane as a girl with red hair named "Carmen". We do not know their relationship. We can guess that Lorelei feels affection for Jane and that, maybe, Jane felt affection for Carmen back then"

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Forgot the main thing i wanted to say

*Lorelei is the "BLUE BIRD".
Tweeting jane coded info for him to take down the B.A.

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