Who is Red John?

Theories of DamoK22 (1)

I found the season premiere really boring compared to past ones. Maybe it is just because i can't look at the Mentalist the same anymore after what happened with the Red John storyline.
I used to get so excited and felt the Mentalist was different from other shows, i even told all my friends and everyone to watch it.
Now the show just feels fake , for me it felt like the whole show died with Red John.

I do hope we see that smiley face again , something feels rather off. I so didn't realise Marcus Pike was from Game of Thrones till i seen him with the beard in the last episode haha. Anyone else experience that moment?

I won't dish fans who say the show is great , or i won't dish fans who believe the Red John Storyline will continue. I just don't really know how i feel about the show. If the Red John story-line is truly over, it will feel like the whole show has been a big disappointment. I don't hate the new show it just feels really mundane and boring and it is missing the spark it used to have.

Also i would like to say that Stoopkid has had some amazing theories and i don't know why people abuse him. He loves the show and its his opinion that Red John will come back. In a way i think most Red John fans hold a little hope and haven't fully given up yet. Lets just hope the Mentalist doesn't let all the fans down for this new boring show.

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