Who is Red John?

Theories of NotOverYet11ep (1)

Watching the show from the last 6 years, Grace is definitely conflicted.  Even when the FBI came in, she was freaked that her stuff was going to be confiscated.  If this were a truly great show, all the last 15 episodes would be a ruse/con to the real final reveal.  The only truly good choices were Stiles with Van Pelt, daughter as accomplice mole, Partridge again with Van Pelt as the CSI mole, CSI Ron, or Patrick himself.  A truly great mystery has the mastermind decided before the writing begins and then gives faint clues.  No way it was ever the sheriff.  That just became a total screwup as the ratings dipped and Heller ceased to care about the show.  No show answers all questions, but it would be great if some got answered in the last 11 episodes.  We can still hope that the last 3 will involve a conclusion we did not get last season.  Until then, it is hard to watch.  The weekly cases used to be much better, but I still like the characters.

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