Who is Red John?

Theories of Rtriple (1)

I have been saying since the episode blinking red light that when jane was on tv with another (mentalist) and jane looked at red light something changed within him. He mentions to other mentalist that since he called out red john that rj will kill again. What happens.... Other mentalist dies. Now weeks later myself and others posted on here that pj is rj. Bruno heller than came out with an interview saying that patrick jane is not red john
Heller: I would say that definitively: Jane is not Red John.
Me thinking: Red John is Jane.
There never was a Jane. It has been Red John the whole time.
After a people commented about on boards about rj is pj I think heller got mad and changed the show.
Now fast forward to the finale.
Jane is now in a studio again.
Again he see the red light and this time says to the host something like give me a second or hold on (not remembering exactly. ) to me that is bruno telling us rj= pj. Also i have always thought that rj smile is janes face and at very end jane gives us the biggest smile that he could have. Like i have said and no one will ever change my mind, there never was a PJ it has always been Red John being in character as patrick jane.

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