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What about when they say that RJ has someone on the inside in the FBI? What about if it is a woman rather than a man, just to throw us off, because everyone thinks RJ is a man, maybe that disguises her voice? She also has red hair. Just a thought, not super convinced. I also have another thought. It would be too obvious to have ANY of those 7 suspects that we all were made to be suspicious about on Black winged bird. What if RJ is actually Jane whom is schizophrenic and his "alter ego" is RJ, killed his own wife, and now just to mess with the CBI has them hunting on a wild goose chase, and can keep tabs on the investigation in the mean time. I hope not, I like him so much! To explain this theory, he would have had to go to the physchiatrist's house in disguise as well, to not look like Jane, maybe too far fetched???

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