Who is Red John?

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Just saw EPISODE 4!!...SPOILERS!!!!

Another great episode.
This season is cool and really keeps me entertained.
People tend to forget the old murder of the week cases were pretty cut and dry typically about a vengeful husband lover or wife. With the fbi the cases are more colorful.
I miss my GVP and Rigsby but Abbot and Wiley are a good tradeoff.
Erika Flynn was...hot. I hope we see some more familiar faces like Stiles Freye and LORELIE!!!
First time we heard her name in years!
And by the way Jisbon is great. You are all afraid to admit it but Jane and Lisbons relationship is MUCH more interesting and entertaining now.
Season 1-6 "jane what are you hiding
"Nothing lisbon"
"I am mad at you and walking away"
That Lorelie and Mashburn line was GREAT!
Next week we have Abbotts family involved.
He is my man.
And once again i see NO WAY the show can build up a new bad guy in enough time to make a two hour series finale about.
No, the series finale must be about the past or someone returning from the dead. Cough Stiles, cough Lorelie.

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Season 7 episode 2 was great.
Action packed with a dash of funny like this show does best.
I like the whole cast now that Ficshers gone.
Abbott is great Cho is Cho and Wiley cracks me up.
Yea its not dark and Red John is done but i dont care.
I cant bash a show i enjoy watching.
Id rather have Jane and Lisbon be together than another year of awkward arguments apart.
Shows evolve things change.

I know people are still pissed about the Macalister stuff and rightfully so.
But lets stop bashing one of our favorite shows for something in the past.
We have a season 7 and thats better than the show gone forever.
If you would rather it be cancelled than you're not a fan.

The show evolved. The cases are bigger their technology is better and the stakes are higher.
I could watch normal episodes with Jane doing his thing all day.
But this season will have a villian. And Styles will come back. Visualize will finally meet our eyes.
Next week we have ERICA FLYNN!!!
The one that got away!!!!!
The only person ever besides Red John to pull a con on Jane!
Lisbon is gonna be pissed!
I am a mentalist fan and i am not afraid to say it.

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Just saw the new episode so SPOILERS:
I really liked it. No bullshit.
Yea it was jisbon centered but they actually had good dialogue between the two of them. Wasnt fake or corny and its funny to see lisbon and Jane communicating at all.
Cho is still the man.

I like the subject matter of the cases since Baker took over.
He had a little anti gov big corporation thing going that i enjoy.
Best line was when dude was ranting about government stealing taxes Cho said "i know"
Or when cho first saw Lisbon he asked two questions and was right back to business!
The Fbi cases are linked to actual real world problems. This was selling of government guns to gangs.
Last year was fracking, sex trade, etc...
No more rink dinky love triangle murder of the weeks.
O and i get the feeling Fischer has a psycho crush on Jane and will return to kill Lisbon! Haha

O and Jane still wears his wedding ring ;)

Honestly i enjoy this show no matter what the episode is like.
I am not gonna bash it just bc it isnt dark like i want cuz it still fun for me.

I do however think Styles and some Red John focused discussions will go down at some point.


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Lets say Red John is dead. Lets say he was Macalister.
I know it pains me too...
The show never mentioned Visualize after ep 8.
They are saving it for this year.
Lisbon even hinted at his return if you remember that..

Visualize had tons of cops on the payroll.
Thats how Styles knew where Freye was.
Thats how Styles always knew Red John stuff.
This is how Styles knew the Fbi was coming down on him.
And that is why Styles faked his death to evade them.
Styles might be Janes dad and used Macalister to torture Jane.
Or maybe Styles is just a high up Ba member.

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I think were getting flashback episode to season 6 episode 8.
Macalister sent out a "red john selfie" last week!
He was dressed in episode 8 attire .
Why would he wait a year to send this out?
They are shooting a scene from episode 8 in season 7!!!
What really happened that day will finally be known.
Macalister was a pawn! Or something...

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I want to talk last season.
Can we assume its a fact that
Haibach did NOT kill Ardilles and La roche?
Nobody ever said he did anything besides kidnap Gvp
But he did that only after knowing he was A suspect in another case.
No way in Hell Haibach created the Cbi Hitlist, bugged everyone,
And stabbed Ardilles 100 times like a madman.
Haibach had no beef with Ardilles or La Roche.
In fact he didnt with Gvp either, he really only wanted to hurt Jane most of all.
So who killed Ardilles? And why? I believe him and La Roche were BA .
Only someone high up can bug people like that.

So who created this whole Haibach ordeal?
Did Jane mastermind this somehow? Placing notions on Lisbons head to go with her gut knowing she always hated Haibach. Maybe Haibach was hypnotized or hired to Kidnapp Gvp.
In return he can have his way with Jane.
Because Ardilles and la Roche were killed right away.
GVP AND Rigsbys house intruder shot to kill.
Haibach toyed and kepts Gvp for one purpose...to attract Jane!
That wasnt Haibach in Gvps House! That is a fact we know now so who the hell was it and how the heck did he miss an unarmed man with a baby not looking at him!
Who was he Kira Tinsley ?

The show after ep 8 is one word, ambiguous. They never answered who made the list or killed Ardilles or found any evidence that Haibach did it.
So this season, shits going down...
Who do u think killed Ardilles?

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Ok that last post WAS EPIC!
This changes the game and brings this site back...
So i ask you who is red john?

I am going with my Alex Jane is Red John and Lorelie's step dad.
Marcus Pike is a follower possible too.
Of coarse i think Styles will return, that man did everything right to fake his death..
He even said he will resurrect like jesus and the show never even mentioned Visualize after ep 8.
Rj is anti Ba and somehow related to Visualize.
And you know i still got faith my girl Gvp and Rigsby and involved...
Their exit was an odd one, dont you agree?

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