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Hey guys, first poster here, I've just successfully watched all full 6 seasons of The Mentalists over the last 2 months, and I must say, there is no better plot line when it comes to a TV show. Now, concerning Red John, Bruno Heller missed out on jackpot by not going with Virgil Minelli as Red John, I mean, it would of been perfect. Here are my two reasons, you might not think they are key, but I really thought the were.1. I believe in the ending of season 1, Patrick located an old house that Red John used (I might be wrong, if so, I apologise) One camera shit located a guy next door to where Patrick was (I presume this was Red John) know in that camera shot, it clearly showed a guy sitting, with a cup of tea/coffee on the table... now correct me if I'm wrong, but Virgil nearly always had a cup of tea/coffee on him. Also, in that scene, the guy who we don't see is wearing a suit, Virgil also always wears a suit, something that Sheriff John never wore.2. The last time we ever saw Virgil before Red John was revealed was in an episode when Patrick needed his help regarding Red John. Now, lets think about this, over the last 6 episodes did Patrick ever asked anyone for help regarding Red John apart from that moment? He never asked the gang (Lisbon, Rigsby, Van Pelt, Cho) even! Yes, he did ask the occasional help from LaRoche, but that was only to see, and investigate, if LaRoche was Red John himself, which turned out not to be the case. Lastly, anyone remember the last ever scene we saw of Virgil Minelli before Red John was revealed? He offered Virgil the chance to have a drink with a woman!? Look at his reaction, Virgil was overjoyed with excitement.... did he kill the woman or not, I guess we will never know...

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