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Hmm, I'm kind of confused with the last episode.
From the second I
heard the talking clock and the alarm and the countdown thing, I knew
they would trick the time to make the suspects reveal themselves, despite that, it's still a good trick.
I guessed it was the new wife from her reaction when Patrick accused the husband sat on the couch.
Am I the only one ? well there were only 2 suspects so I'm not proud ^^

What made this a good episode :
- Habbot and Jane, argue about psychic power (reminds me 4x03.
- The "Teresa" thing, and Lisbon still calling him "Jane".
- Everyone got his place in this episode.

I liked the episode, even if they drag it on so long with the state of
Jane's mind, with background development between the new characters (
according to the writing speed, we should wait an entire season to
achieve this).
From episode 8-9, we were supposed to meet the "new
Jane", I feel we still didn't see it. As we know, they wrapped up badly
the red john saga in 8 episode, while there is only 5 episode left until
season finale : I wonder how could they wrap this new stuff in this
short amount of time, and bring us a Real RedJohn ending/reborn at the same time.
In conclusion : we are screwed.

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Hi everyone, hard to wait until Sunday/Monday !

Maybe may we countdown our time-left until the release of the episode.
4 things might happen (decreasing probability) :
- the stalker will continue to grab more attention
- nothing unusual, everybody will post new theories
- the website will be down for a while due to huge amount of submit.
- everybody will be hacked by this goof on feet

Have faith people, maybe the episode will be good, at least we could learn more about Marcus Spike.

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Let's play a mind game here during the hiatus.
The game is about to find with deduction who is behind the alias Stooopkid.

As you know, I assume someone plays on this website since season 6 (Actually I wasn't myself a whoisredjohn's regular before the middle of season 5 that's why it's just an assumption).
What do we know about him ?
- He holds a grudge against stoopkid ( I assume it started a while ago when Stoopkid was almost posting alone about Rigsby/Van Pelt).
- He failed on his own challenge to find out who is Red John.
- As a deranged person, he would have thought a few times that Patrick Jane could be RedJohn (possible, wanted by Bruno Heller) : It could explain how his troll identity converge with his nemesis Stoopkid.
- He felt betrayed twice, on one hand by the show, on the other hand by the community : he felt underestimated, underrated and mistreated as an independent thinker.
- He knows how to use a search engine, social applications, in an attempt to collect informations about his target.
- He likes to perform social engineering, which provides him an addictive thrill that he may physically feel (effervescence-anticipation, shaking legs, a frequent need to urinate).
- Then He may use it madly and repeatedly against his victim to feed his need of recognition, using it as a tool to play him by.
- I assume he is not highly skilled with computers, contrary to what he gladly believes himself to be capable of.
- He won't use a software or developping a script to automatically spam publicly over his victim : simply because He can't.
- His best abilities are copy paste behind a computer, and ordering pizza behind a phone [Which I'm pretty sure procured him an adrenaline rush and a heartbeat acceleration].

However, the craze in social networking sites like whoisredjohn.com using Disqus as third party platform of communication makes moderation difficult. This fact leads an inappropriate contact slip through the net.
According to that, he won't be punished for what he is doing unless these third party platform provide efficient moderation (which is not -> allow non-user to publish).

In Conclusion, we could find who he is by simply rolling back previous posts. Searching for the outbreak right before the first appearance of stooopkid or someone similar.
This post will feed his childish cyberstalker's appetite and If he'll lose control over Stoopkid, he should have a tantrum.

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they are the strongest people in the universe, they don't even need to see a shrink !
what's wrong with them ?
Haffner dies, they'll cry an other day
Ardiles dies, they don't cry, they prefer to get a warrant to search in a gloomy warehouse at night, I can't even see the point of that.
La Roche dies, whatever happens to his dog, we didn't learn what they could have find in that warehouse, like goldfish they forgot why they came there in a first place.

A hooded hooked nose white man with clean neck skin and a left handed triggered shotgun almost killed a baby and her left handed pistol mother and All they say is : "Good to see you guys" and guess what, a black man is beyond the twelve suspects ! are you freaking kidding me ?

Even if it happened really fast(and was obviously a stuntman not the real suspect), why they didn't try hypnosis or a remembrance technique to get more informations. You can pause at 02:04 to get a good snapshot at him.

How will they act in the next episode ?
How the suspect knew about the new location of the team ? bugged phone again really ?
Does the suspect really want revenge from everyone, or does he really know which one he has to kill ?
Haibach has a wrinkled neck.
And what the hell with John Hutten ?  It said at the end that he was just usually secretly cheating on her wife, why did he let the "screw you sticky note" !

It's like they just throw some candy to keep us on waiting.

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Lisbon, She's the one ! No just kidding

Seriously what's up with these people ?
To whom died and were supposed to be their friend ...
Why Lisbon and the team aren't showing any kind of mourning.
Or even showing some interest about what's going on.
They are all psychopaths.
First, Ray Haffner, then Ardilles, now Laroche.

We can't come up with any real theory now, this is just nonsense.

Why do we still hope for a future explanation xD

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All I know about this new list is that Ron isn't on it ;D

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What's going on with him ?
He looks tired, cho noticed he's going crazy.
He admitted a long time ago to be insomniac.

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