Who is Red John?

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From the moment we saw that delicious blonde we knew she was the villain of the story.
So what does it make this episode particular ?
- a wedding ring story untold to spectator.
- jealousy from Lisbon & Kim for lovely triangle viewers (which of course we are all on this website).

Cause until now, for that we knew :
Patrick hasn't really a strong sense of moral.
We didn't feel he got his revenge yet.

So what does really keep Patrick to lead villains under arrest ? good question ^^

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I am Red John, I am clever, I will show you clever by killing again often.
So If I am McAllister I just :

killed brett partridge.
made a joke while I shot a man in a rooftop.
barely killed a woman.

Yeah of course, you are the man Red John !! You are the greatest sucker of the universe.

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For the list of seven, I think this is totally bullshit to give some thrills to viewers.

During season five, Jane burned every time all the files while he was tracking down Red John identity to minimize the risk of being spy/stolen.

The names spelled by Lorelei match perfectly with those on little pictures, except last and first names are reverse (Bob Kirkland, Kirkland Bob, etc).
We saw only Lisbon watched it.

During the video reading :
Lorelei says quite a few names as if the number weren't exactly known.
She gives some time to the viewer to grab the names...ok guys, Don't you think jane and his memory palace(my ass) couldn't memories seven little names ?

My first thought was this is impossible while almost everyone else thought it was kirkland (-_-).

Then the most logical way I could think of was about a computer trick hidden in the cd. As a young developer, myself, I think it could be possible to do it even if it would require very high skills, time, and luck.
- high skills : a client trojan virus cross-platform placed in the disk infecting the laptot which could hack cam, microphone, real-time internet sniffing, installing a picture to text analyst software.
- time : Red John needed time to hold Lorelei and make her record several samples of her voice, and then patch the all thing together whenever he needed to, then uploading it to the laptop throught the trojan's help.
- luck : yeah luck, all this plan needed luck, the presence of the pictures during the video reading. the fact that they didn't give the disk to scientific to extract some finger prints or data-mining analysis throught Van Pelt.

I know I sound crazy, but we are in a show, they do everytime a lot of IT stuff quickly while pressing keyboard randomly which could take several hours to the greatest hacker of the planet. Using IP addresses like 3526.784.0.1 and 555 - XXX phone numbers ...
So we could explain the list of seven merging these two elements (improbable high skill + show environment) and the fact He has twice hacked into the CBI computers without being detected and sets up phony companies and bank accounts to keep his identity a secret.

This is my creepy way, and it is better than the psychic explanation. If Red John was truly psychic he would have bring a Goshawk with him and registered the 911 number in his phone...

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Some things about Wayne Rigsby are suspicious.
When Jane told him to not trust anyone in law enforcement, he straightly understood, usually he plays bad at acting.
How did he knew about the cemetery.
Why did he throw the information to Abbot so quickly.
When he tried to seduce women on the Internet he only chose red ones.
He said to Kimball he will find a woman for him.
Every bit of information from wikis we got are only related to Relationships with Van Pelt(as if every one just care enough to see him bang her).

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I was preparing this screenshot in the background in case the Bertram's coded list would reappear.
I am convinced we would get nothing of it, because there is a lot of copy/past pattern, from left to right, from up and down.
Such as finding who Red John were from clues ... there is a big risk to be inconclusive. But hey some of you may still try to do so.
I tried the day we found it to use some symbols font but It got nowhere.
Hope you like it, there is the link.


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After the fifth season finale, we all got our teeth on edge.
We knew that red john story would finish in 8 episode.
We doubt the veracity of the list, we trusted it, and we didn't.
We all thought Patrick Jane was 3 step ahead, faking temper in front of Lisbon.
We were hoping for a mind-blowing twist.
After each episode :
Not only our questions were answered, but new questions out-came.
We felt more and more duplicitous about the Red John reveal because the time left went shorter and shorter.
Episode by episode we were waiting for the twist, it didn't come until the end of episode 7.
Until then we were more anxious than ever, hoping we could have a big twist in 44 minutes(probability of being disappointed 75%).
And then the episode got leaked, it was so disappointing that "50% of us" were smiling yellow (french expression).
Then the twist was the joke becoming true.

But we are still hoping for a little twist/return
Let's face it, we are just some creepy over-thinkers who put too much sense in details the show threw us away (every moment of silence, book, facial expression, sentence analyst, color of cup, shirt, music) and make them tell a story =)

We have to continue to dress up the show the way we do as if Red John was still there. Even if we are denial.

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The audience is going to come out of this episode with a lot of
questions, but they just are going to have to wait a week and then see
Red John, and I promise their minds will be blown  their socks blown off.

Said harper a week before the red john episode.
Yeah we came out with a lot of questions indeed.
Our minds and socks blown indeed : But not for the reasons you think bastard.

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