Who is Red John?

Theories of prince (1)

I think Van Pelt has some connection with Red John…

I watched Red Rum episode in
Season 1, where a boy will be murdered by some sort of sacred rituals, when
Jane and his team goes to the site where the boy has been murdered, we get a
close up shot of Van Pelt’s face when they see the body (they will show only
her face) and we can see that she is disturbed a lot. And there is another
scene in the same episode where Van Pelt instructs the football coach on how to
move with the ball (we all know that Van Pelt’s father was a football coach)

This scene meant nothing to me
until I watched Red Barn (Season 5) where we hear that the 3 guys performed
some sort of rituals with farm animals. Red John killed two guys because they
were performing some sort of rituals.

I think Van Pelt is Red John’s
daughter, remember? Jane and Van Pelt joined together in CBI.

When Red John case was handed over
to Bosco, Jane felt very bad and finally when Rebecca kills Bosco and his team,
Jane asks why she did it, she tells, “So that you can have the case back”.

Let me tell you the significance of that
statement, only when Jane has the case back Van Pelt gets to know all the
information directly because she is in Lisbon’s team and she can pass it to RJ.

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