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Brett Partridge

Brett Partridge
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Just imagine.

We stand at the edge of the show that kept us all together. Ten minutes remain. Jane went on television as a psychic again to lure out Lazarus and it worked. The killer is caught and all is well with the world. Jane and Lisbon are married. We skip ahead a year. Jane is back in his old house to say his last goodbyes to the family he leaves behind as he readies himself for a new life. He scrubs out what still can be from the smiley face that ever haunted him, long after he did what he could and promised to do to the man who painted it there.

"You continue to surprise me."

The voice at the chamber door is unmistakable. Jane turns to face Him.

"Sorry it's been so long. I didn't believe it until I saw it. You did move on, Patrick. I feared for a good long while you never could."

So they meet, the tiger and the lamb, for the third and last time. Jane accepts the truth as it is, having long suspected it, yet let himself believe otherwise so as not to rob himself of the priveledge of moving forward. Now the grudges of past that would've poisoned their meeting anytime earlier isn't there anymore. There is no forgiveness. That could never be. But there is the health of distance.

They talk. Confirm where they're at and where they're going, answer any questions the other might have, yet let enough remain unsaid that they don't reawaken the ghosts of the past.

Accepting the philosophy of the tiger, finally they shake hands, not as friends, not as foes, not comrades, simply as equals.

The credits run.

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This week, for a moment, I came to think of theories about a possible return of Red John. That maybe he would come back, we all know how he hates false seers, perhaps kill Lisbon, I do not know, giving his show again.

But no, Bruno Heller is shitting for us, became one of my favorite series in Mexican soap opera.

The number 3 said in episode 7x11, is not Red John, but a son who waits Lison, which was killing Jane inside is fear of losing Lisbon, with pregnancy and marriage that we all know will occur.

Everyone here already give so many cool, satisfactory theories on decent final, who accompanied him for many years The mentalist.

Well, maybe we do not have a surprise right?

It should now be focused on Gotham is shitting on what we think the end like it or not, we look to the end and gave his audience.

Let each make your final bet it will be better than what is to come.

Sorry English, greetings from Brazil! I will miss all theories I have ever read.

Ty guys gll

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I'm back... and so is Red John.
What I read here about 7x11 intrigued me enough to watch this episode. A note to all of those Red John fans who were/are disappointed by it's previous execution- You can safely watch this one. I can't tell if the remaining episodes will be worth your time, but jumping from 6x08 directly to 7x11 will make you feel like old times.

The clues and subliminal messages were dispensed one after another, and in a very good fashion. Even if they screw up the 2 episodes left you can make up your own theory about Red John, from here. And that is the benchmark for the good Mentalist show.
If you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further, as my theory will have some spoilers, but come back if/when you watched it. (Although, I might be the only one here who dismissed the whole 7th season.)

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

Boy, do I like this name. Did you know that the Bible only named 3 angels? Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer (or better known as Satan) I'm sure you noticed the #3, there, and only one of them was a real piece of work.

So what does this mean? Will Jane be only happy after he kills the 3rd Red John?
"You'll know when you see it" - said Gabriel.
Going by this info, here is my theory. Lazarus is the serial killer, but he is not Red John. Red John killed Gabriel, Lazarus killed the other victims in this season.

Why would Red John return?
Because Gabriel was a real psychic and Red John knows he was talking to Jane. He knows his secret is out, even if Jane is keeping it to himself. "FAKE" on the arm was a message from Red John to Jane. It obviously means more to Jane than it means to the others.

"You'll Know when you See it"
Clue: one of the old suspects are back. Jane will catch a glance and recognize him (perhaps in the crowed at his wedding) and hell will brake loose. However, I think 3 has a different significance not referring to Red John aliases. Jane will not be happy killing Red John. Every time he does that, it brings back the memory of his loved ones, murdered by the serial killer. Relief... maybe, but definitely not happiness. What I think it means, that Lisbon will die. Jane's marriage to his first wife, didn't end well, neither will his second marriage... I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.

As you can see, I'm happy with this episode, still I'll check out this site before I'll decide to watch the last 2. Then, even if it ends like crap, I can pretend, it played out according to my theory.

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I think maybe Lazarus is a Red John fan and he want to brink RJ back to life but with his own type of crimes, very simillar with RJ crime scenes. I hope that in this last 2episodes at least will be mention the name : Red John. And another litlle hope for your theories with PJ being RJ.

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Doesn´t this seem too familiar; 1. A serial killer who has been active for a long time...2. He leaves specific clues/symbols on the crime scene (RJ had the smiley, this one takes fingernails from his victims...)3. A "psychic" goes on television and talks about him as if he knew him, which angers him and he kills that "psychic" and his family (sister)...4. He is eager to show that the psychic is fake (remember RJ´s note on PJ´s door before he noticed his family´s bodies)5.  Red john is dead, and Lazarus means raised from the dead...
But given all of these clues, and soooo many given before them, I think that this series will end without the slightest mention of Red John.....Sad.

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God, this is the only way to appease all of us. I hated Season 6!

I loved the first three seasons (and I liked the next two) and have seen every episodes so many times. But, i just think the next seasons sort of took a downward spiral, and this show is just six feet under.

Just watching as a sense of loyalty. I have to thank you guys for giving me a sense of comfort, knowing I'm not the only Mentalist fan who hated the past seasons. 

Heller, please, just give us a good, no, a brilliant alternate ending. It doesn't even have to be in CBS. 

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Two things that have no forgiveness:

1- betrayal
2- what Bruno Heller did with The Mentalist

The series ended in 6x08

"My" Red John died on the 3rd season.

So, ty for all theories, salute from Brazil

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