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Grace Van Pelt

Grace Van Pelt
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I am sorry about all the Grace stuff but for some reason the writers wanted her to seem very suspicious early on. We get insights into all the characters past. Rigsby and Cho we learned a bit and obviously Jane as well as Lisbon and her drunk father.
But Gvp for some reason seems to have the most skeletons in her closet.
First the way awkward first time meeting with Jane. Priceless.
Then the infamous dinner table convo about God and soul-less Jane.
Then Gvp was nearly in tears because Jane made fun of Kristina Freye's powers. Cousin Yolanda 4 life.
We then learn Grace has a thing with suicide. Her sister killed herself but Grace lied about the whole thing to Rigsby and said she never had a sister.

Then the episode i saw last week with a girl from foster care found dead on an island.
Grace wad LIVID the whole episode!
She assaulted a witness and spilled coffee on a foster care lady.
It was all because the foster care lady could not do her job as Grace said. Lisbon was worries about her but Grace said she was fine.
My question is why make Grace have so many question marks with subjects that are right up the Red John story lines alley!
Is she really gone?

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Grace Van Pelt is Psychic, maybe.

This is a stretch but i have seen a few episodes where i thought to myself that Grace might have "powers".
We all know Grace is all about psychic stuff. She stands up for Kristina Freye hardcore on the day she meets her like she had known her for 2 centuries.
Now my evidence can easily be torn apart but this is what i saw..

-When Wayne is complaining to Cho that he has not had sex since he has been married.
Then poof Gvp is naked in Cbi ready to go and said "i know what you were thinking". I know it could just be female intuition but the way it went down so dramatically makes me feel otherwise.
-Right before Ardilles is murdered, Wayne is driving around. Grace says did you eat tacos? And of coarse Wayne was just about to bite into one.
*This is stood out because of a famous scene with Jane when he was on the phone with Cho and and said "Rigsby don't eat the cupcakes" right as Rigsby was about to eat one.
-also it was weird in the episode when Jane called her out and said she "had a traumatic experience in her past that is so terrifying she has not even said a word about it, not even to herself".
THEN Jane slips into a trance and had a flashback from an old client middle aged with Red Hair.
Jane obviously bullshitted her and the woman committed suicide soon after due what he said.
Then Jane passes out..
It was a weird chain of events.

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I am 28 years old.
I know your obsessed with me but like i have told you i dont sway that way bro.
And it shows your crazy when ur spamming a site while saying someone else is spamming.
Do you have a picture of me on your wall ?

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I say 100 red johns with tongue and cheek.
The name "red john" was made up by a newspaper because
Rj was killing young red heads.
The name or person red john may of never existed with just one person using others to do their bidding.
A hypnotist. I think show blatantly displays many different styles of red john.
A computer hacker never seemed to fit Macalisters bill.

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Nobody gives a shit whether Stoopkid goes on holiday or not.
No one cares whether he will watch 2 episodes.
As for his "dont let the trolls f with this site", who do you think you are? Tell me who the fuck do you think you are? You sound like a uncool tattle tale in kindergarden.

Stop looking for asslickers Stoopkid, the RJ Saga is not alive! It's dead and buried, gone!
Your in fucking denial, every week saying the same old shit! 
"The Mentalist will heat up, itll heat up! Things are heating up!" STFU.

I hope you kill yourself while your on holiday, you twat!

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Thank God the Haibach thing was so short.
There is not a single big storyline going on now. This means that the only story line left is going to be Red John related with Jane in court.
This also means that they are going to spend time on it and not just brush by it.

Things will be explained. Janes future depends on it.
For Jane to go to trail now means he pissed off the Fbi right?
That was Abbots deal with him.
Lisbon is leaving with Pike which makes me think more Jane blows up the Fbi relationship.
He never liked or trusted them. He only joined the fbi to check it out and like its a fishbowl.
Every tv show i have ever seen in its entirety tied up all or most lose ends.
The plot holes will be filled and ifs gonna be awesome.

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well, i was disappointed with last night's episode.. not because it was a bad episode, because it was actually a very good episode.. i just personally expected/wanted more..

haibach? really? ugh...

i, of course, will watch the rest of the season with hopes that the finale will ne good considering who wrote it.. but if the show really is just going to continue to be boring i won't watch past season 6..

i am one of the people that want the rj storyline back somehow.. he was there sonce the pilot and played a huge part in why i got so sucked into the show in the first place..
solving murders with a cooky IT guy won't do it for me.. i have criminal minds with the lovely garcia for that already..


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