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Ron (CBI Ron)

Ron (CBI Ron)
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Just read a great theory in reddit from about 8 months ago...

It says that Rj was a drug addict who had a child a baby girl.
This baby girl was put in foster care because of Rjs drug issues.
Rj goes to the Elliston farm and gets clean.
He draws his first smiley face in tribute to his daughters face.
He kills his first victims and begins to streak...funny how he killed only red haired women at first and painted their toe nails. Maybe he was doing this because in some sick way his victims were his daughter in his eyes. (Thats my theory).
-His daughter is Grave Van Pelt. Grace was obviously in foster care that is almost proven in that one episode i brought up the other day. She was later adopted by Amos.
Now this theory writer then says for some reason Rj found Grace and was unhappy with Amos and how he treated her so he killed him. Maybe he even let Grace watch because this is the crazy traumatic thing that happended to Grace that she never told ANYONE. "Not even herself" Jane.

Now this theorist then makes a case for Cbi Ron being her dad. I dont buy this simply due to Rons age.
But he makes a compelling case. Ron is always there in weird places.

I think the poser was dead on here tho check out..

"RJ loves/admires Patrick Jane. He, therefore, doesn't want to kill him but become friends. In S06E01, after their little heads-up in the desert, Brett Patridge is scared by Jane. Patridge fears that Jane knows about the "Blake Association" and asks the "Blake Organisation" (BA) to kill Patrick (Patridge is a forensic guy, he doesn't carry , or doesn't even own, a gun..). Red John hears the information (whether directly because he's a member of the BA or indirectly because one of his disciple is a member, remains to be seen...) and has the urge to protect Patrick. Patridge put Patrick's life at risk- so RJ kills him. RJ tough has a problem. He thinks that the BA wants to kill Patrick- but he doesn't know who exactly is a member of the BA. Specifically, he doesn't know if Lisbon is a member or not- he has to figure it out. His plan is to lure Lisbon to a place, forces Patridge to say "Tyger Tyger" (maybe Patridge has a family and RJ threatens to kill them unless he says Tyger Tyger before he dies) and observes Lisbon's face / reaction. Due to her innocent reaction he realizes that she is not a member of the BA and lets her alive (he has to get out of the house tough, so he has to paralyze her). S06E02: The BA is worried about what PJ knows- the heads (Bertram, Sheriff and Reede) of different parts within the BA (e.g. CBI, FBI, others..) hold a meeting to discuss their current situation (Jane interrupts and then we hear Reede Smith asking "exactlyhow much does he know"- this question, though, is not about RJ but about the BA). Betram doesn't know but they assume that Patrick doesn't know much / nothing, decide to cut Patridge's tattoo away and to observe Patrick a bit better. S06E05: Reede Smith is highly uncomfortable with the situation and hires a private investigator (PI) to bug the CBI room. Jane finds it out and falsely assumes it was RJ. But: RJ would not need to kill the PI, RJ doesn't leave any trace. If RJ hired the PI; then the PI would not know ANY usable information. Reede Smith, on the other hand, isn't too intelligent. The PI knows information that point towards him- so Reede has to kill her before the police gets her. He's in a hurry, only wears his uniform and his duty weapon- which he can't use. So he takes off his suit (so blood spatter can't be seen; yet he doesn't know how he will kill her) and chokes her in his undershirt- giving her the possibility to see his tattoo. S06E06: The BA still believes that Patrick doesn't know about the BA, but finds it weird that he invites three of them into a meeting (no one knows that the PI told Patrick about the tattoo..)"

I like it especially about Tinsely being hired by Reede Smith.
That clears up the clumsiness of that escapade to me.
I am starting to buy the Cbi ron stuff because wow is he suspicious.
The poster says these points i have even said before...

1 rj was cleaning his knife with both hands during the phone call to Patrick.
We just assume he made the call. Great writing if true.
The EXACT SAME SECOND Rj calls Jane Cbi Ron walks past Jane and Uses his phone right before he cant be seen on camera.
2. Ron was walking to the hospital to protect Jane from the Ba.
His WHOLE team besides Lisbon and Jane were at Cbi.
There was no reason to show him at all!
3 copy cat killers way back when nobody knew where Jane was going but Jane did explain all HE KNEW to Ron and the team. Meaning Ron went there to kill them bc like Jane he figured it out.
4. Agent Darcy and the Morgue Murder
Jane and Darcy talk privately in the kitchen yet Ron was right there listening !
Darcy tells Jane she knows he brought Rosaline Harker to see Carters body blah blah ha ha.
5. Wayneright murder. We all can figure this one out.
Rj finally thought his dream was coming true. Jane was going to be his bff and really killed Lisbon.
BUT RJ finds out its a lie and gets pissed and to show his balls he kidnaps the highest ranking official and does some boss shit. We all saw.
BUT we all saw as Wayneright met Darcy and found out Rigsby wasn't really dead who is there?
The only person who could of saw what happened with fake RIgsby and have the time to kidnap Wayneright was Cbi Ron! Crazy stuff right?

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In the season 1 finale which was great you should re watch it,
I noticed that Red John wanted Jane to see the letter from Roy Tagliaferra as well as wanted Jane to meet Rosaline. Jane was not gaining on rj, rather Rj was leading Jane to things.

Now Dumar thought Rosaline screwed things up and for him she did. But Red John obviously wanted Dumar to get caught, just like his dad was years ago. Orville Tanner.
Dumar was just a pawn to lure Jane.
But who is Roy?
-Also whats weird is that Rosaline Harker was on the BA list that Jane showed to Abbott.
Her name was not blacked out so that means she was already caught.
So maybe she was Ba with Roy and Red John wanted to lead Jane to both of them.
Maybe Roy was Macalister who smelled like earth.
Or maybe Roy was a KIRKLAND and smelled like earth!

The only thing that deters me in this theory is the ep when Rj returns and puts a body in Rosalines closet.

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Ugh Jisbon is sooooo forced... they don't even have chemistry... they are just friends geez stop ruining it heller

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Is it just me or did jane go way too far tonight. I usually love the tricks he plays on people but to me tonight seemed like a bit much. It wasn't his normal ruse or con. IDK i definitely was not a fan.

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UGH, any hope i had of Red John questions being answered is dead.... and now all i get is Jisbon...... so yea kill me now

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Lets not quickly forget about that coded list Van Pelt found in the storage locker that got Jane the job in the first place. I have a feeling its going to come into play soon. Could very possibly be the reason Jane has to go to trial. If he does not deliver the names like he said he would, that could be a reason why he has to go before a grand jury. IDK just speculating here. Cant wait to be either utterly disappointed or the happiest person on earth... lol May 18th can't come quick enough

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This is what happens if you write the script and shoot the episodes at the same time with your ass in your hands. A total disappointment for the true fan. I know it's not the same concept but I stick with the Game of Thrones. It's pre-written and all tied up perfectly. No disappointment at all... :))))

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